What To Do When You Are Desperate

…  and  when  he  saw  him,  he  fell  at  his  feet,  and besought him greatly… Mark 5:22,23jairus-daughter OEWM

How  on  God’s  green  earth  do  you  ever  get  the  God  that made the whole world to hear you and to respond to you when you are in a desperate situation? There is a way. And when you learn that way, you will save your life and your children’s lives too.

There  was  a  fellow  some  years  back  who  was  desperate because his daughter was dying. He knew Jesus had the answer. And whether you know it or not, He has the answer for you, and you’re desperate for that answer. This fellow loved God, trusted in God and believed in God so much that He was willing to fall on  his  knees  and  bow  down  before  Jesus  in  the  middle  of  a crowd. He was desperate for God to find favor with him.

Fall at Jesus’ Feet

If you’re like this fellow and are desperate for God to find favor with you, turn to Mark, chapter 5, verse 22.

And,  behold,  there  cometh  one  of  the  rulers  of  the synagogue, Jairus by name; and when he saw him, he fell at his feet.

Now, let me teach you  something here. Anything that you ever see a human being doing to Jesus when He was ministering on earth in person, you can do. You can get the same results by doing the same thing now by faith.

God is a faith God. By grace you  are saved through faith. (Eph. 2:8.) By the mercy of God through faith, you are healed. Because of your faith in God, He will perform miracles in your life.

You could say, “But Norvel, Jesus was there in person.” It doesn’t matter. You can do the same thing by faith today. That is what the church is all about. You have a right to come to the altar and get it.

You  can’t  sit  there  in  your  seat  and  be  full  of  pride  and expect  to  get  something  from  God.  You  have  to  come  God’s way.  God  likes  you  to  come  publicly.  He  likes  to  watch  you walk down the aisle and bow down on your knees before Him at the altar. He likes to put his power on the inside of you. He likes to put his arms around you and love you like you’ve never been loved in all of your life.

I tell boys in the penitentiary all the time, “Look, lust and greed and whiskey and women and dope put you in here, but if I can talk you into giving your life to Jesus and getting filled with the Holy Spirit, He will take you  on a trip  so high that you’ll throw rocks at L.S.D.”

So get rid of your pride and come to God His way. Jairus did.

Believe Jesus Will Help You

Now notice, after Jairus fell at Jesus’ feet, he believed Jesus would help him. Look at what he says in verse 23.

And besought him greatly, saying, My little daughter lieth at the point of death: I pray thee, come and lay thy hand on her, that she may be healed; and she shall live.

If you were God what would you do? I would do the same thing Jesus did. If I was Jesus and was walking along like this and some man approached me and came and fell at my feet and said, “My little girl lies at home at the point of death. Please come and lay Your hands on her, and she will live and not die,” I think I would listen.

I don’t know all about God, but I know quite a bit about Him, and I’m telling you  that I have never known Him to turn anybody away who did that. Never! Not one time have I ever seen Jesus turn away anybody that worshipped and bowed down before Him in reverence asking Him for help. He didn’t turn me away. He didn’t turn my daughter Zona away.

She  had  been  on  dope  for  three  years,  and  I  had  been praying  for  three  years,  but  she  wouldn’t  listen  to  me  or  any other human being. Then one day, God sent an angel, and she listened to the angel. I can tell you that! She hasn’t taken any dope since.

God has his own way of doing things. In the Old Testament, a man’s hand wrote some words on the king’s palace wall during a party, and everyone went, “Aaahhh.” God did what He said He was  going to  do,  and  the  king and  his  kingdom were  judged. (Dan. 5.) When you’re dealing with God, you’re dealing with a
true  being that  spoke the world  into existence  and  has  all knowledge. Believe me, your case is not too hard for Him.

When Bad News Comes, Only Believe

So  Jesus  went  with  the  man  to  his  house.  On  the  way  a woman  reached  out  in  faith  and  touched  His  clothes  and  was healed.  While  Jesus  was  talking  to  this  woman,  a  man  came running up from Jairus’ house with some bad news. He said to Jairus:

…  Thy  daughter  is  dead:  why  troublest  thou  the Master any further?  verse 35

Do you know what Jesus said to Jairus? He said:

… Be not afraid, only believe. verse 36

And  Jesus  kept walking towards  the  house.  This  man  had come and fallen at Jesus’s feet and told Him, “I believe in You. I believe if You’ll come and pray for my daughter that she’ll live and  not  die. I bow myself  down  before  you,  Jesus.  I worship you, Jesus. If You’ll come pray for my daughter, she’ll live and not die. She will live.”

And Jesus said, “Well, I will,” and went with the man, and the daughter died while they were on their way. And Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid. Only believe.” And He kept on walking, full of faith, full of power, full of knowledge. Death didn’t scare Him. He kept on walking.

Refuse To Be Intimidated By People

When He got there, there were people all around crying, and He said to them:

… Why make ye this ado, and weep? the damsel is not dead, but sleepeth.

And they laughed him to scorn. But when he had put them all out,  he taketh the father and the mother of the damsel,  and  them  that  were  with  him,  and  entereth  in where the damsel was lying.

And  he took  the damsel  by the hand,  and  said unto her, Talitha cumi; which is, being interpreted, Damsel, I say unto thee, arise.

And  straightway  the  damsel  arose,  and  walked;  for she  was  of  the  age  of  twelve  years.  And  they  were astonished with a great astonishment.

And  he  charged  them  straitly  that  no  man  should know it; and commanded that something should be given her to eat. verses 39-43

So there was Jesus. When He arrived, people were crying. When He told them she was only sleeping, they began to laugh at Him. But He didn’t pay any attention to them, and He took that father and that mother into the room where their daughter was and took her by the hand and lifted her up then he told them to get her something to eat. Even death can’t hold back the power of God!

Now why would  God do something like that for a human being? Because he had found favor with Him.

Stop Your Unbelieving Crying and Begging

“Well, now, Brother Norvel, I’ve seen cases like that before, and God didn’t do anything for them,” you may say.

Wait a minute. God doesn’t do anything for anybody unless that person finds favor with Him. Did that person find favor with Him?  I  know  of  cases  where  God  didn’t  do  anything  either.
They’re crying and begging and crying and begging God to do something,  but  they’re  full  of  unbelief,  and  God  hardly  does anything for them.

They need to stop their crying and begging and come to the altar, get on their knees and say, “I believe. I’m not afraid. I believe. I call my child well. I’m not afraid. I believe. The God I serve is real. I worship You, Jesus. I worship You, Jesus. My daughter  will  live and not  die. In the name  of the  Lord  Jesus Christ, I worship You and bow down before You.”

Stop  your  unbelieving crying  and begging. We’ve all been taught the same way, every last one of us. A member of the family dies, and the family begins to faint and fall on the floor and cry. The only One Who doesn’t do that is Jesus.

Sure, your natural heart is broken. You loved that person. I understand. My mother died when I was nine years old, and I cried for about two years. But nobody in the church even said to me, “Jesus, loves her just like you did. Let’s bow down right here around the bed and worship Him.” No one started out in worship and  said,  “We  worship  You,  Jesus,  and  we  want  our  mother, Lord. We worship You, Jesus. You’re our God. Glory to You, God.  Thank  You  for  Thy  power  and  Thy  glory.  We  worship You, Jesus. We bow down before You, Jesus. We worship You, Jesus. We believe in the Lord God of the New Testament. In Jesus’ name we worship You.”

We  did  nothing like  that! When  you  don’t do it the  Bible way, you don’t get Bible results. When you do it the natural way, you get natural results. That is all you’ll ever get. It’s that simple. It’s just that simple.

Beseech Him Greatly

Why does God want me to teach you this? Because the next time that the devil comes and tries to knock you for a loop or one of your children gets into a car wreck and the doctors tell you that they don’t know if they will live or not or some goofy thing happens to you, He wants you to know what to do.

Don’t come unglued. Don’t start walking the floor, wringing your hands saying, “God, what did this happen to me for?” No, say, “In Jesus’ name, I bind you Satan. Take your hands off my child. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I claim God’s power
to come upon their body. Wherever they are right now, in Jesus’ name, let your mighty power come upon their body so they will live and not die.” Then walk the floor and pray in the Spirit. Pray victory. Pray in the Spirit.

I had to do that a while back one night for about an hour in my house. When I got the long distance call from Texas nobody was  at  the  house  but  a  pastor  friend  of  mine  and  me.  An Assembly of God pastor from Dallas, Texas, had just had a heart attack.

We hit the floor and started praying as hard and as fast as we could. If we had waited a few moments, he could have died. I mean  we  started  praying  as  hard  and  as  fast  as  we  could  for about an hour, “Satan, you’re not going to kill that Assembly of God pastor. I bind you in Jesus’ name. Let him go free. Thank You, Lord, for Your mighty power. Thank You, Lord, for going into that room and touching him right now.”

After about an hour, the glory of God came into that room. My pastor friend fell over on the couch under the power of God and  began  to  prophesy.  God  told  us  that  we  had  prayed correctly.

If you ever find yourself in a desperate situation, pray hard and  fast.  Let  the  devil  know  you’re  on  the  scene.  Break  the power of the devil over them in English, in the name of Jesus, then immediately start praying in tongues, in the Spirit, until you pray yourself right on over into the spirit world where you can
reach victory.

There was no hope for him. He had just had a massive heart attack. But after an hour of praying in Jesus’ name and claiming his health in Jesus’ name, God healed his heart. God will heal your heart, too. He can pump a new heart into your chest just that quick. The Lord can give you your eyesight just that quick. Jesus can give you a new kidney so quick it will make your head swim.

There  is  only  one  Jesus,  friend.  You  may  have  been misinformed up until this point, but now you know the truth, and the truth will set you free. The truth will make you well.

Get in Shape for Prayer By Worshipping Him

The  Lord  also  said  to me  one day:  “The  person  who will come before Me to praise and worship Me will get himself in shape to enter into the world of prayer.”

For the most part, the Church is not in shape. All they want to do in prayer is beg God to do something for them or argue with Him about something. I’m telling you right now that it’s a waste of energy and a waste of breath. There’s no reason to go to God  in  prayer  and  agonize  with  Him over  and  over and  over

First of all you establish a lifestyle of praising His name and worshipping  Him.  Then  you  go  to  Him  in  prayer.  Do  you understand that? There is a way to get your prayers answered, every one  of them.  It isn’t hard  to get your  prayers  answered.

There is an easy way.

If you’re dying with a disease, you can get your prayer answered, and the healing power of God will come into you and drive out affliction, just totally drive it out. But you’re going to have to pay the price. You are going to have to make your own covenant  with  God  and  make  a  commitment  to  worship  Him daily. You’re going to have to make it a way of living.

If you’ll establish a covenant with Him, if you’ll praise Him and worship Him, He will become your God all the time in every situation.

Your Victory Will Come

Sometimes in life you have these great big situations, these great  big  mountains  to  fly  up  over.  You  don’t  know  how  to handle it. That’s okay because He does. Don’t worry about it.

Just get on your knees and praise Him and worship Him for a while then bind up the devil and pray in tongues for about thirty minutes or an hour, and bless God, I guarantee you  that victory will hit you like a bolt of lightning.

All of a sudden it will become like a teeny, little thing. It won’t  have  any  meaning  any  more.  Do  you  know  why  those circumstances look so big in front of you? It’s because you don’t have a covenant with God. You don’t have a covenant of praise and worship, and you’re trying to figure things out in your own
natural mind.

You can’t do it, not if you want to live by faith. You’ve got to flip that mess over on God. I don’t care what it is. Throw it over on the Lord. Make a covenant with Him and begin to praise and worship Him, and I’ll guarantee you that God is big enough to get the miracle for you that you need.

Do you understand what I’m saying to you? Get a glimpse of what I’m telling you. If you can just get a little glimpse of it and throw that great need you have over onto God, instead of trying to drive yourself nuts, God will do a miracle for you.

You say to yourself, “I’m going to do it by myself. I’ll do it myself.  I’m  so  beaten  down  I  think  I’ll  go  to  Florida  for  a vacation. Maybe all I need is a vacation.”

It’s all right to go to Florida and walk the beaches for a while and listen to the waves. That’s all right. But there isn’t any reason for you to be beat down when you go. Throw your need over on God and worship Him then go.

Remember,  there’s only one  Jesus,  and that’s the One  you find in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. There is not another One. That’s the only One there is, and He is saying to the whole human race, “Come and follow Me.”


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Norvel Hayes