Worship God, and He Will Pay the Bills!

He hath given meat unto them that fear him … Psalm 111:5Praise HIM

I want us to look at Psalm 111 again. This time at verses 3-5:

His  work  is  honourable  and  glorious:  and  his righteousness endureth for ever.

He hath made his wonderful works to be remembered: the Lord is gracious and full of compassion.

He hath given meat unto them that fear him…………………………………….

Don’t Worship False Gods

If people aren’t afraid to worship a false god, they can just go  ahead  and  do  it.  But  when  they  do,  they  may  have  to  go without  meat.  Whole  countries  may  starve  because  they  don’t worship God. They just don’t worship God.

If those people would bow down before God and begin to worship Him with no shame, I guarantee you that it wouldn’t be many days until the rain would start to fall and their crops would begin to grow.

If they kept on worshipping God, it wouldn’t be long until they would have so much food that they could sell it to other nations. They would be overloaded with food.

Just remember this: God will only put up with people’s rejection of Him and their refusing to worship Him and glorify His name for just so long. God is full of mercy and compassion and understanding. (Ps. 86:15; 147:5.) Sometimes He will put up with  what  people  do  for  years  and  years  and  years,  even hundreds of years. But a nation can’t continue rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ or failing to glorify Him and praise Him after He has  shed  His  blood  by suffering  on  the  cross  for  all  mankind
without  the  devil  wreaking havoc  in  the  lives  of  its  people.
People like that don’t even recognize God. They recognize some goofy false god.

Can you believe that any part of the human race could ever worship a false god like Buddha for instance?

Experience His Abundant Life

Are you healthy? Are your needs met? Are you willing to do what  God  says,  even if it  means  going out  on  the streets  and passing out tracts? Does money mean anything to you?

If you have to say no to these questions, you are being robbed of living that precious abundant life in Jesus.

You may say, “Well, I don’t believe Christians are supposed to have much money.”

If you believe that, you are being robbed! Some people don’t even know the truth that is in the Bible. They have no earthly idea  about  the  things  God  would  like  for  them to  experience. They may have gone to church for years, but spiritually they are as empty as any person could possibly be.

They are good people who go to church and say, “I love the Lord…I love the Lord…I love the Lord.” And they do love the Lord. But they have no earthly idea about living the precious life that Jesus has provided for them.

I know lots of people like this. And they are sweet people, too. I have gone over to their houses and had dinner with them. I love them all, every one of them. They are precious people.

But if I started talking to them about abundant life and said something like, “The Holy Ghost wants to make you a million dollars,” they would almost come apart at the seams!

I want you to look at the next chapter, Psalm 112. You’re not ready for it but you might as well look at it anyway.

Praise ye the Lord. Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord, that delighteth greatly in his commandments.His seed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed.

Wealth  and  riches  shall  be  in  his  house:  and  his righteousness endureth for ever.verses 1-3

Jesus wants you to live an abundant life! It’s never God’s will  for  you  to  be  poor,  to  live  in  poverty,  confusion  and sickness. That is not God’s will for the human race. I am telling
you that if you will just bow down before God and worship Him and allow your mouth to praise and glorify His name, you’ll get delivered.

You can live afar off if you want to—far off from where you could be living. You can wallow around in the lap of religion if you want to. Many people do, you know, even though they are good people who love the Lord.

But if those good people love the Lord, why don’t they get God’s best? They will never be able to get God’s best until they bow down before God, worshipping Him and praising His name.

Let Your Soul Prosper First

When I began to spend time worshipping the Lord, finances began to come to me and to my ministry. I remember one time when the financial blessing came to me through a business deal.
When I walked in that lawyer’s office that morning to sign those papers, I said to Jesus, “I know when I sign those papers that I’ll make a quarter of a million dollars. Now why did you do that for
me? I don’t even need it.”

He said, “You passed My test.”

I said, “Passed Your test? What do you mean that I passed Your test? I’m not any more special than anybody else.”

He  said,  “You  passed  My  test.  Your  soul  has  been prospering.  You’ve  been  spending  time  worshipping  Me,  and you’ve been working for eight years with a woman who has been
living in adultery. After eight years of compassion and eight years  of  love,  that  calls  for  rewards.  Then  He  reminded  me, “Who made a phone call to you so you could get this deal?”

I started thinking back, “Well, let me see now. Oh, that woman.”

He said, “Yeah, and while she was living in adultery with that married man for eight years, you talked to her about heaven.
You got her so hungry for heaven that she finally gave up her lover and got saved. That’s the way it works. You let your soul prosper first.”

God puts it this way in His Word, Beloved, I wish above all things  that  thou  mayest  prosper  and  be  in  health,  even  as  thy soul  prospereth (3 John 2). In another Scripture He says it another  way,  But  seek  ye  first  the  kingdom  of  God,  and  his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you (Matt. 6:33).  If  you  will  seek  Him  first,  God  will  add  His abundant blessing to you. You might say, “Brother Norvel, God is not adding abundant blessing to me.”

“Well, there is a reason why He is not. Now let me ask you a question,  Are you  spending time  every day worshipping God?
Are  you  letting  the  praises  of  God  come  out  of  your  mouth throughout the day?” When you do, God will release His power to you.

 God Provides for the Needs of a Ministry

Some time ago I was at a convention where a well-known television evangelist was the speaker. During that time he shared with me about how his ministry had been having some problems.

“I’m having trouble paying my bills, Norvel. Since all this mess  came  out  about  the  TV  ministers,  some  stations  haven’t wanted to keep us on the air. I’m really having a problem.”

At the end of the convention, they were holding a great big banquet.  They  called  and  said  they  wanted  me  to  sit  on  the platform that day, so I did.

Then one of the fellows in charge came up to me and said, “Norvel, we’re behind a lot.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,  we’ve  got  to  have  several  thousand  dollars  in  this offering to even pay the bills for this convention. This is the last service. Why don’t you pray and see if God will let you take up the offering for us?”

“Well, I’ll pray, but I don’t feel anything right now.”

I know God calls me to do things like that sometimes, and I don’t mind if the Spirit of God wants me to. So I prayed, but I didn’t feel anything one way or the other.

A little while later, he came back over to me and said, “Norvel, do you feel like you can take up the offering for us?”

“Not necessarily,” I said. “If you feel led of the Lord, you go ahead and take it up. If you don’t feel like the Lord wants you to, then I’ll take it up for you.”

So  it  wasn’t  very  long  before  he  introduced  me.  The television evangelist was the banquet speaker, and he was sitting right next to me on the platform. When I went up to the podium, I began to tell them about how I used to have to struggle sometimes to pay my bills until the Lord spoke to me about how I was missing it. Then I shared with them some of the things I have written in this book.

“The Lord said to me, ‘You don’t worship Me enough. You are going about the country

establishing your own doctrines and doing your own thing.'”

Then I said to them: “So when you go around the country establishing your own doctrine, doing your own thing, preaching your own sermons, and praying your own prayers, God will let you pay your TV bills, too.

“He will let you take years and years and years to raise the money to build a building. He won’t do anything about it. You will have to practically beg every church group that you  come to,  go  on  a  money-raising  campaign,  and  beat  your  members over the top of their head, trying to get them all to give money for this ‘great campaign for God.’

“But the Lord told me that I could have anything I wanted in the Bible if I would worship Him. This convention needs several thousand dollars to pay the bills, but that is nothing for God.”

Then I said: “Do you know what is going to happen? We are going to worship God in this place, and God is going to pay His bills. He will prove Himself to you.”

About that time we started worshipping God. While we were worshipping, the Spirit of God all of a sudden came on me, and God began to boil a message out of my belly in tongues. I was weeping before God. When I spoke the message out in tongues, another man got up and gave the interpretation.

The  evangelist began to weep  and cry as he sat there. He wept and wept and wept, and so did a lot of other people.The  convention  bills  were  paid, and there was even some left over. That’s no big deal for God!

When you worship God during offering time, you can give what you want to. But when you really bow down in worship to God,  you  will  want  to  give  Him  something.  You  don’t  need
somebody to put pressure on you. Do you understand that?

Worship God, and you will want to give God something. It will be a privilege for you to give God something. You will be just like Jesus said: …freely ye have received, freely give (Matt. 10:8).  You  will  freely  give  God  something  because  you  love Him and worship Him.

When He gives it back to you, He multiplies it many times. That is His way of blessing you like never before!

When  that  ministry  staff  did  as  the  evangelist  said  they would and turned to worshipping God on a regular basis, they began to see victory like never before. And so will you…if  you
spend that same kind of time in worship and praise to your Lord Jesus Christ.

Worshipping God Brings You Out of Debt

One of the most important things in the world that you can do is learn how to praise the Lord. Don’t be afraid of praising Him. Be willing to learn how to praise your God. Notice Psalm 112:1 says:

Praise ye the Lord. Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord, that delighteth greatly in his commandments.

I would be afraid not to praise God. After studying the Bible as much as I have, I know how important it is to God when we are willing to spend this kind of time before Him.

I have found that if I don’t worship God and praise Him a curse can come on me.

“What  do  you  mean  a  curse  comes  upon  you,  Brother Norvel?” someone may ask.

Well, a curse would be me not having enough money to pay the  bills  or  having  to  put  up  with  all  kinds  of  problems.  As believers,  we  do  have  afflictions  (which  the  Lord  delivers  us
from according to Psalm 34:19), but I have noticed that when I don’t spend  time  worshipping  and  praising the  Lord, I end  up having to put up with all kinds of problems all the time. There is
no total freedom or victory.

A number of years ago when I was in Hawaii for another meeting, a fellow came up to me for counseling. He said: “I go to  church  here,  Brother  Norvel,  and  I  really  need  some
counseling. Could you help me?” Then he told me his situation.

“I have three children, and I haven’t had a job in two years. I’m $15,000 in debt, and I’ve exhausted every angle for money.

“I’ve worked in the sugar cane fields here in Hawaii. But big corporations have come in and taken over. Little fellows like me can’t get any more jobs. I have some big equipment just sitting
out here, and I haven’t turned a wheel on it in two years.

“I  don’t have any money for food, so I have to get food stamps and do what I can. My own children asked me for lunch money so they could eat with  the other  kids, but  I had to tell
them I don’t have it. You know, that makes a daddy feel real bad when he has to say no to his own kids. But I can’t give it to them when I don’t have it.

“My friends have loaned me money, but I can’t borrow anymore. Can you help me, Brother Norvel?”

“Can I help you? I can tell you how to become rich!” “Really?”

“Yes, really. But you have to listen to me. You have to listen and do what the Word of God says to do.”

So  I took  Scripture  and  said,  “Let’s  see  what  Jesus  said.”

Then we looked at Mark 11:23 where Jesus said: …Whosoever  shall  say  unto  this  mountain,  Be  thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.

Then I said to him: “Your whole world is framed with what you are saying. All the things you have said to me are: ‘I don’t do…,’ ‘I can’t do…,’ ‘I’m broke,’ ‘I’m defeated.'”

“You are not talking right, and you will always be broke as long as you talk like that. You have to start daily changing your view on your life. You have to put your equipment together and get it ready to start working.

“I’m going to break the power of the Devil over you and the power that is against you financially. We will bind the Devil and run him off, in Jesus’ name.”

Then I told him how to command corporations to call him and give him some big jobs that he could fill. “I want you to begin to say, ‘Now, big corporations, I’m talking to you and I command you, in Jesus’ name, to call me and give me  some  jobs.’ Now  don’t say ‘job’ singularly;  say ‘jobs.’

And don’t say ‘little jobs.’ That’s foolish. Say ‘big jobs.'”

“But,  Norvel,  they  won’t  call  me  because  they  don’t  call independents anymore.”

“Hush your mouth! You’re $15,000 in debt, remember? Your equipment hasn’t moved a wheel in two years. Start seeing work coming your way, in Jesus’ name.”

That is the truth. You may hate to have to tell people the truth, because they are nice people, and the truth can be so strong. But sometimes you have to. The only thing I know is what I have learned from God. I am not so smart myself, but I have learned to obey the Lord.

Then I said to him: “Now I want you to listen to me and do what I tell you. I want us to get down on our knees before God. I am going to teach you how to worship Him. We are going to worship Jesus together without shame.

“You  need  to  start  worshipping  the  Lord  every  morning. Learn to praise Him with your mouth. Before you start believing God to work in your behalf, you have got to start thanking Him
for all that He is. Spend time worshipping Him every day. Look to Him in worship and praise. Give Him thanks for all He has done for you.”

“Well,  Norvel,”  he  said,  “I  do  that  sometimes.  I  do  it  in church.”

“Well, you have to start talking to the Lord every day. Don’t wait until you get to church to worship Him.”

He listened to me and was willing to begin a change in his life when it came to putting His eyes on the Lord.A few years later I saw him again.”Norvel,” he said, “I never forgot what you told me. Years ago you said that I would have to worship God every morning and praise Him in order for my circumstances to change.”

“Yes, that’s right. That’s what I told you.”So after that he began to worship God without shame. He thanked God for all that God had done and all that God would do in his life. He and his wife even got together as a team to bow down before God and worship Him.

After  they  did  that  first,  then  he  began  to  say,  “Big corporations, you call me and give me some big jobs, in Jesus’ name.”He  and  his  wife  did  that  for  five  months,  but  nothing happened. In the fifth month he got up off his knees one morning after worshipping God, and the telephone rang.

It was a man from one of those big corporations. “We hear that you  have some  equipment  for the sugar cane fields.” The man said. “We would like you to come to our office to talk with

When  he  met  with  them  in  their  office,  they  said: “Something  happened  and  we  need  some  extra  workers.  We have  a  contract  here,  and  we’ll  give  you  $80,000  if  you  will operate your equipment for us for about six weeks.”

He  signed  the  contract,  did  the  work,  and  collected  that amount from them. The whole time, he kept praising the Lord and thanking God for it.

I had told him, “Now when you start getting money, you have got to keep thanking God for it.”

Before the six-week job was finished, they called him again and said, “We want to give you another $80,000 contract.” And they did. He gives his testimony now.

“I bow down before God now every day,” he said. “I had never  done  that  in  my  life,  but  I  know  God  is  my  Source. Worshipping  and  praising  Him  brought  me  totally  out  of  the
hole. After twelve months I paid off that $15,000 debt!

“Today I tithe to my church. Right now I have $40,000 in my savings account and another $80,000 job is coming up after this one.”


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Norvel Hayes