The Works of the Lord Are Great!

The  works  of  the  Lord  are  great,  sought  out  of  all them that have pleasure therein.  banquet table

Psalm 111:2

What  exactly  do  the  works  of  the  Lord  include,  you may ask.

The works of the Lord are salvation for you and your whole family if your faith waivereth not. The works of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY are health  to your  body.  The  works of the Lord are miracles  when  you  need them.  The  works of the Lord are the nine gifts of the Spirit for anyone that will believe in Him. The works of the Lord are great, sought out of all them that will have pleasure therein (v. 2).

I wish the world knew how great the works of the Lord were. I hate to have to say this, but I hope all the church world knew it, too. I know that some of them do, but I feel so sorry for the people who are always  working hard to build buildings in their  own  strength  instead  of  enjoying  the  great  works  of  the Lord. They are sweet People who spend lots of money, millions of dollars, on buildings for the Lord. But because of the doctrine they are living under, the doctrine that is preached to them, they may never get to enjoy the works of God.

“But, I’m sick.  I’m broke.  I’m confused.  I need help.”

I’m telling you boldly that the works of God are great, and they are manifested when you are willing to worship and praise Him.

As  long  as  you  reject  worshipping  God  and  praising  Him and  glorifying  His  name,  you  will  have  no  knowledge  of  His works being great. You will  be  leaving Jesus  out  of your  life because you are failing to keep your eyes on Him.


The Works of the Lord Are Healing

Some Jews in Jerusalem saw some of the healing works of the  Lord,  and  they were  amazed  at  what  they saw. Let’s read about this in Acts 3.

Now Peter and John went up together into the temple at the hour of prayer, being the ninth hour.

And a certain man lame from his mother’s womb was carried,  whom they  laid  daily  at  the  gate  of  the  temple which is called Beautiful, to ask alms of them that entered into the temple;

Who seeing Peter and John about to go into the temple asked an alms. And  Peter,  fastening  his  eyes  upon  him  with  John, said, Look on us. And  he  gave  heed  unto  them,  expecting  to  receive something of them.

Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as  I  have  give  I  thee:  In  the  name  of  Jesus  Christ  of Nazareth rise up and walk.

And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and  immediately  his  feet  and  ankle  bones  received strength.

And  he  leaping  up  stood,  and  walked,  and  entered with  them into  the  temple,  walking,  and  leaping,  and praising God. And all the people saw him walking and praising God:
And they knew that it was he which sat for alms at the Beautiful  gate  of  the  temple:  and  they  were  filled  with wonder and amazement at that which had happened unto him. verses 1-10

Within a few minutes that crippled man was totally normal. His  leg  wasn’t  crooked  anymore!  And  he  went  walking,  and leaping, and praising God! When the Jews saw it, they were amazed.

“But Jews don’t believe in Jesus, Brother,” someone may say.

When  they  see  a  crippled  man  healed,  they  do  all  of  a sudden. You would, too, especially if you had someone who was crippled at home yourself. You would believe it quick!

Oh,  I  have  pleasure  in  the  works  of  the  Lord.  And, my friend, you should have pleasure in them, too.

The Works of the Lord Are Financial Provision

As I shared before, God said to me: “I want   MY people to spend time worshipping Me. I want to see My Church worship. But more than that I want individuals to worship Me, especially when those individuals get alone before Me.”

When God told me that, I began to worship Him more and more.  I  began  to  spend  time  worshipping  and  praising  Him. When I put Him first in worship and praise, finances began to come to me and to my ministry.

The  same  thing  will  work  within  your  church.  But  your pastor and the congregation have to want to worship God. They have to  spend  more  time  worshipping  God  and  praising  Him, looking toward heaven rather than always seeing the needs and the lack of money.

Put  everything  in  the  proper  perspective.  Then  God  will provide, and you will see hundreds of thousands of dollars added to your church account. I’m telling you that you will.

You  may  say,  “Well,  where  does  it  come  from?”

Who  in  the  world  knows  where  it  comes  from?  I  don’t always know myself. God will just see that it comes.

I received an interesting letter at my office one day. This is how it read: “I’m  down  here  in  Florida  and  I  was  praying.  Brother Norvel,  the  Lord  told  me  to  send  your  ministry  a  check  for $26,000.

“I told my wife about it, but she didn’t agree with me. I said, ‘Honey, I know what the Lord told me. I was praying and God told me to send Norvel Hayes’s ministry a check for $26,000. So you go pray yourself and ask God about it.'”

She  went  to  her  room  and  started  praying.  After  she  had prayed for a while, she came out and said, ‘Send Brother Norvel the check.'” And he did! My friend, that happens to me all the time. All the time!

My ministry has money in the bank, but we need it with all that’s required  at our office  and in  our Bible  school. There  is always something that needs to be done. I believe we ought to have a certain amount of money just as a nest egg. Then when something comes up, I don’t have to say, “Where are we going to
get the money?” I can tell you right now, God doesn’t want me to worry about anything.


The Works of the Lord Are Gifts From the Spirit

One  time  when  I was  holding  a  meeting  in  San  Antonio, Texas, a lady came up to be prayed for. When I laid my hands on her and prayed, she raised up her hands and began to praise the Lord. All of a sudden she broke down and began to weep.

It seemed different with her as she was praising the Lord. Both of her hands were being held out as if she were playing a piano. As she continued praising Jesus, her body was standing still, but both her hands were moving from left to right. She was praising the Lord with her mouth and with her hands, and tears were streaming down her face.

She must have stood there for about twenty minutes. When I looked around at her, the Spirit of God said to me, “I’m teaching her to play the organ.” As we saw in Psalm 111:2, the works of God are great. But you will never know much about the great works of God until you  bow down  before  Him and begin to worship.  To  worship Him,  you  have  to  spend  some  time  praising  His  name  and glorifying Him.

This woman’s husband was standing with her by this time. I walked over to them and said to her, “The Holy Spirit just spoke to me, and He is teaching you to play the organ.” After  that  happened,  God unfolded  the  organ  to  her  and taught her to play it by ministering to her through her hands. She began  to  play  the  organ  just  like  a  professional.  She  was  so good, in fact, that the pastor of a large congregation in Houston, Texas, had her come to his church and play for them. She was so good at the organ that she played there for months and months.

The Works of the Lord Are for the Next Generation

If you will give your talent to God and dedicate yourself to Him, God will do the same kind of work in your offspring that He has done in you.

I saw this happen through a mother and daughter after I ministered another time in San Antonio, Texas. I met a lady who was a viola player in the San Antonio symphony orchestra.

She said, “Norvel, would you come to my house, talk to my husband, and beg him to let me work for Jesus?”

I had dinner with them and talked for a long time about the importance of their being open to the Lord’s work.

“You’re not married to a normal girl,” I said to the husband. “Your  wife  has  a  deep  dedication  to  God,  and  she  is  heavily anointed of God. He is going to do great and mighty things for her, because she would go anywhere for Him.”

She was willing to drive five hundred miles to play one tune on  the  viola  for  Jesus.  One  time  she  drove  to  Shreveport, Louisiana, where I was holding a meeting. When she started to play the viola, the Lord healed a crippled man who was sitting down front. Then people started being healed everywhere.
All she did was play the viola as God led her.

When you start praising God with the stringed instruments and with your voice, it is amazing what God will do. He just wants His people to praise Him.

First,  that  lady  used  her  stringed  instrument  to  praise  the Lord. Then she was blessed when a baby girl was born to her. When that daughter grew into her teens, the Lord God gave her a singing voice. He anointed that voice; and by the age of fifteen, she was given the ability to write songs.

Now that young lady is exactly like her mother. She will go anywhere, anyplace, whenever she is allowed to do something for Jesus.


The Works of the Lord Are Already Prepared for You

The works of the Lord are great, and they are available to all who would worship and praise God for all He has done and ever will do for us. When you worship and praise God, it’s as if you are sitting down at God’s table set with beautiful dishes and abundant food. Everything you  will ever need in your  life has been set before you on God’s table. Every dish on His table has a big  engraved  sign  on  each  bowl  with  words  like:  Salvation, Healing, Faith, Miracles, Deliverance, Knowledge, Wisdom.

The food inside is already prepared for you. You don’t have to hire anybody to prepare it. It has already been prepared and paid for. All you have to do is get yourself in shape so that you can sit down and freely eat from God’s table where His great works are available to you through His Word.

You  get  yourself  in  shape  by  building  your  faith  and learning the promises of God to you in His Word. So then faith cometh  by  hearing,  and  hearing  by  the  word  of  God  (Rom. 10:17). You get yourself in shape by spending time  in prayer. But you also get yourself in shape by praising and worshipping

God,  and  letting  it  become  a  part  of  your  life.  Worship  and praise God all the time you can. Then when you want something from God, you will come to His table and sit down with great manners, with great respect for His Word and His promises in it. You  will  put  your  napkin  across  your  lap  and  sit  up  straight.
Then  you  will  look  over  and  say,  “Pass  the  healing  bowl, please.”

When it is passed, you will take that healing bowl and you will freely dip out of it. You will freely eat out of the bowl of His Word. Of course, when you eat God’s Word, no matter what the subject is, you will start enjoying it more and more.

The kind of lifestyle you have will be based on the food you eat. If you are sick and don’t know how to be healed, or haven’t been healed, it is because you haven’t been eating God’s healing verses in the New Testament.

“Brother Norvel, I read about them.”

Don’t just read them, eat them. Meditate on them and make them part of you!

“But, Brother Norvel, I need a miracle,” you say.

Sit down at God’s table by worshipping and praising Him. Show His Word respect and with good manners say, “Pass the miracle bowl, please. I’ve got a big spoon!”

Reach into that miracle bowl and take out the miracle you need. Eat as much of it as you can stand because  miracles are yours! God has miracle-working power, and it is a free gift to the Church.

The  Lord  said  to  me:  “Son,  the  reason  many people  can’t receive is because they can’t even eat at My table without being a nervous wreck. They haven’t built up their faith. Their prayer life is shabby. They have hardly spent any time praising and worshipping Me.”

The table is already set and prepared by Christ Jesus for you to live the abundant life (John 10:10), so eat anything you want from God’s Word that you need. It is all in there.

“When they come to My table to eat,” God told me, the only reason they don’t receive is because they have sloppy manners.”
When they are half-beaten, they sit down at the table and look over at the bowl of healing, hoping to get healed, but wondering,
“Will it work for me?”

If your mind thinks like that, you won’t receive the miracle you need! Renew your mind to the Word of God. You have the mind of Christ in you! When you do, you will sit down at God’s table with respect and say: “Praise God! The stripes on Jesus’ back  have  paid  for  my  healing.  So  pass  me  that  bowl  of
healing!” Then you will take it, fill your plate full of it, and eat it. As you eat it, you will chew every bite of it. You will gladly take in every mouthful, and you will receive it with dignity.

You  won’t  be  sloppy  and  let  it  run  down  your  cheeks, because you don’t want to miss even one drop of it. You don’t want it to get away. You want every ounce of it and every bite of it. That is called having respect for the stripes on Jesus’ back. It is called having respect for the healing verses in the Bible.

Don’t you know that the only part of the Bible you get to enjoy is the part you have respect for? And if you don’t enjoy the Bible as much as a Hershey bar or homemade fudge with nuts, then go
worship God some more.

As  you  worship  God  and  praise  Him,  not  only  will  you begin  to  desire  to  know  what  God’s  Word  says,  but  it  will become  more  appetizing  to  you,  and  you  will  be  able  to experience  more  and  more  of  the  abundant  life  that  He  has prepared for you.

The works of the Lord are great. Seek after them and have pleasure in them. (Ps. 111:2.)

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Norvel Hayes