God, is passionate you to have victory in your life. He wants to give you everything you need or ever will need. He wants to give you the desires of your heart.

When you are willing to spend time in His presence, worshipping and praising Him, you will  be amazed at what happens. His blessings will fall on you—totally fall on you.

There was a time that I didn’t know worship and praise were important.  I just thought that as long as I loved God and was faithful to Him, as long as I went to church, paid my tithes and was nice to people, things would turn out okay for me. But after I went into the ministry, I found out what really was involved in serving the Lord.

When I learned the things about worship and praise that I am going to share  with  you  in  this  book, my life  was  changed.  I found out that when I obeyed God’s Word, it came alive to me and God was able to manifest Himself to me. I found out that He had already set up a covenant with His people and that He had provided its blessings just for me and for you.

Yes, there is a time to sing. There is a time to pray. There is a time to preach. There is a time to teach. There is a time to give thanks.  There  is  a time  to  praise.  But  there  is  also  a time  to worship, and as you do and as I do we will begin to walk in all that God has provided for us and live day by day in a brand new realm.

Praise ye  the Lord.  I will  praise  the Lord  with  my whole heart, in the assembly [the secret place, in a room where no man sees] of the upright, and in the congregation.   Psalm 111:1

Several years ago I was driving down the road just minding my own  business  when  the  Spirit  of  God  came  upon  me.  He comes upon me in some of the most unusual places! Then He said to me, “Son, the church is sadly lacking.”

I said, “What do you mean, ‘sadly lacking’?”

“Well,” He said, “My children basically love me, but they live in poverty and sickness and defeat. They don’t live in heaven’s blessings because they don’t worship me enough.”

“You said that right, Lord,” I said, “in fact, I know whole congregations who don’t spend any time worshipping You at all. The pastors don’t ever say, ‘Let’s worship God for a while just because He’s God.’ They just teach the people to go to church sing a few songs and listen to a song or two sung by the choir, but they don’t really worship You.”

Then He said to me, “And neither do you.” All I could say was, “Is that right?”

He, continued, “You’re  going  around  the  country  teaching My Word. You’re teaching faith and confession. You’re praying for the sick, but you need to worship Me more, and you need to teach My people to worship Me more. I’m their God, and they’re My children. If you’ll teach my children to worship Me more, I’ll do great and mighty things for them.”

By this time I was weeping. Every time the Lord tells me I’m a flake and I’ve missed it, I always repent and weep. It wasn’t long before I found out what the Bible said about worship and began to teach on worship.

God Wants Me/You To Live an Abundant Life

Do you know that I found out that God wanted to bless me? He wanted to give me peace and contentment. He wanted to give me strength without sorrow. Do you know that He wants to do the same for you?

That sick, poverty stricken, weak, confused, goofed up life some believers are living is not the kind of life He prepared for us. The kind of life He prepared for us is an abundant life.[here on earth].

You might be saying, “But Brother Norvel, my children are backslid. My husband is sick, and the doctors say that there is no hope for him. I’ve been asking myself, ‘Why do all these things happen to me? Why doesn’t God ever do something for me?'”

How much have you been worshipping God this month?

You might say, “I haven’t worshiped Him any this month, but I go to a good church, and my pastor is nice.

Well, I don’t doubt that you go to a good church and have a nice pastor,  but what  does that have  to  do  with  you?  Your pastor, your church can’t worship God for you. You’re supposed to have a relationship with God yourself.

You might say,  “But, Brother Norvel, I’ve been saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit for thirty years. God knows I love Him.”

You didn’t answer my question. Have you worshipped Jesus any this month? Have you bowed down before Him this month and  called  Him  your  Savior,  your  Healer  and  your  Miracle Worker? Have you thanked Him because your name is written in heaven?  Have  you  told  Him  how  wonderful  He  is  and worshipped Him and Him only?

“Well, as a matter of fact, I don’t think I have.” Then  you’re  missing  the  abundant  blessings  from heaven! Worship is important to God!

God  finds  so  much  favor  in  His  children  when  He  looks down  and  sees  them  worshipping  and  praising  Him.  He’s working out their problems for them. He gives them everything they need and want that’s in the Bible.  He brings to pass the desires of their heart. (Ps. 37:4.)

It doesn’t matter what kind of problems you have. God knows what to do. I don’t know what to do, but Jesus does. He knows all about your case.  He made you.  He loves you and wants to bless you. All He wants you to do is worship Him for Who He is and praise Him for what He has done. Worship and praise are like twins; they just kind of mingle together.

“Get Alone Before Me”

When God showed me what I had been doing, I said, “Well, I don’t know about the church, Jesus, but I’m going to change.” I didn’t change overnight, but over a period of time I began to go in the back room alone, bow myself down and just worship God myself.

I was traveling all over the country speaking to thousands of people. But until that day came, I really didn’t spend any time worshipping  God  in  my  back  room  by  myself.  Oh, I prayed before a service to try to get an anointing from Him, and I tried to live my life right. But I didn’t spend any quality time by myself in my room alone, where no man sees.

If you have to have a bunch of people around you before you can worship God, your relationship with God is half sick. You shouldn’t have to have anybody with you to worship God. Your worship to God never will please Him to the fullest until He sees you do it alone.

If you want God to bless you out of your socks, start worshipping  Him  in  your  bedroom  by  yourself.  Sure, God is pleased when you worship  Him in  church, but those  choruses you sing before a service are to train you to worship. They’re not going to get the  job  done.  God is pleased  with  it,  but  you’re going to have to come to a place that you decide you’re going to have a relationship with God yourself, just you and Him.

You have  to have  a relationship with  God yourself, and you’ll  never have a relationship that is worth much to you unless you learn to put first things first. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you (Matt. 6:33).

When you  put first things first, it won’t be very long until God will begin to visit you in a new way. Your mouth will taste like it has sugar in it. The atmosphere around you will smell like roses because Jesus is the Rose of Sharon. (Song. 2:1.)

If I could  just  talk you  into believing the  Scripture  in Matthew 6:6 that says, if God sees you pray in secret He will reward you openly, you would see the reality of this Scripture for  yourself.  If people  reading  this  book would  actually begin worshipping Him by themselves, I would be getting letters from some  of  them next  year  and  the  next  year  and  the  next  year saying, “Brother Norvel, I worshipped God for a year and a few little things happened, but now my life has begun to change totally. Life isn’t a struggle for me anymore. God is showering me with His blessings. I can hardly stand it.”

Since That Day

Now, are you ready for this? Since the day I started doing this, I’ve had no financial problems. I even bought some property for a Bible school. In a year the ministry had the money to pay for it. We never even had to take up an offering!

“You mean to tell me you never had to take up an offering to pay for the building?”

Honey,  I mean  to  tell  you  that  we’ve got  four  sanctuaries now—we’re putting the finishing touches on the fourth one now —and I never took up an offering to pay for one of them.

You say, “Well, where did the money come from?” I don’t know. It just showed up. God would send to a seminar where I was speaking people who would say, “Brother Norvel, I was praying in the state where I’m from, and God told me to come here and give you a check for ten thousand dollars.”

Now  I  haven’t  lived  my  life  a  hundred  percent  perfect. There’s only been one Jesus, and I’m not Him. There’s only been One  Who  didn’t  make  any mistakes,  and  I’m not  Him.  But if you’ll just try to do what He tells you to do, the blessings of God will fall on you, totally fall on you.

One  year  I  was  in  Columbus,  Ohio,  to  speak  at  a  camp meeting. When I arrived at the motel that day, I told the pastor I wouldn’t be meeting with him that afternoon but that I would see him that night.

All afternoon I stayed in my room and worshipped God. I must have worshipped  Him for  about  five  or  six  hours.  That evening when I spoke at camp meeting, I opened up my mouth, and God began revealing and unfolding the Bible to me. I could have taught the Bible for ten hours and never looked at it. It was just coming to me in revelation knowledge like you would not believe. I mean it was just absolutely pouring out from me.

And the anointing, I could hardly stand it. I thought God was going to take me to heaven. I got so anointed that at first I could hardly talk! Another minister, who was sitting next to the pastor, said: “Norvel is anointed so heavy. I don’t see how he’s standing up.  He may just  fall  on  the  floor  any  minute.”  During  that meeting  the  Holy  Spirit  moved  in  such  a  powerful  way.  It’s amazing what He will do when you obey His Word and worship Him.

Make Worship and Praise a Way of Living

You  may  want  to  choose  a  particular  time  and  place  for worship. That’s fine if you do. It’s up to you. I don’t do that, but you can if that’s how you feel.

If you set a time—say, 6:00 or 9:00 in the morning, for instance—to worship God, don’t say later: “Well, I worshipped God for an hour this morning, so my time has already been spent in worship. I can do something else now.” No, you need to be ready and willing to worship God anytime.

I am not telling you that you have to get up at 5:00 in the morning and keep worshipping God until  9:00. And you don’t have to go out under an oak tree at 3:00 every afternoon so that you can praise God for three hours.

I’ve  tried  all  those  kinds  of  things,  and  it  all  sounds  real religious and real good, but the sad part of it is you can never stick to it. There will come a day when you can’t go out under the oak tree at 3:00 and pray for three hours. Do you understand that?

It is a good idea to establish a time and place for worship and praise if you want to. I am not knocking that. But don’t let a schedule and place for prayer put you  under some kind of pressure  or  bondage.  Just make worship  and  praise  a  way  of  living.

I worship God regularly, but I don’t have hours set to worship Him. I try to worship Him at least two, three or four times a day. Personally, when I first get up every morning, I like to worship the Lord for a while.

“For how long, Brother Norvel?” people ask me. I don’t know how long. I’m not going to time myself in worshipping God. I got delivered from that bondage a long time ago!  I  used  to  worship  God  only  from  11:00  to  12:00  every Sunday  morning.  But  if  we  didn’t  get  out  at  12:00,  the  other churches would beat us to the cafeteria!

God doesn’t wear a watch. He has nothing but time. If you to worship God  every  morning,  take  five,  ten,  fifteen minutes—take three hours if you want to.

But watch that you don’t get out too far and get weird. If you do, it won’t be long till you’ll want to quit your job and “live by faith.” After three or four months, your wife will be saying, “Have you looked at the cupboards lately?” You’ll say, “I’m just believing God to supply our needs,  honey.”  After  about  six months  of  that  she’ll  be  saying,  “Don’t  you  ‘honey’  me.  I’m hungry.”

Make worshipping God a way of living, but stay balanced I’m telling you. God likes normal people full of the Holy Spirit.

Maybe you’re a businessman, and you want to worship God at noontime in your office. Well then, just close the door to your office and say to your secretary, “If I get any phone calls, take a message. Get the number, and I’ll return the call.”

Just show God that you’ll close your office door for fifteen minutes. Then don’t do anything while you’re alone there in your office except worship and praise Him. Get down on your knees and praise Him and worship Him for a while. Start seeing Jesus as your business partner. After spending some time like that, the glory of the Lord will start coming into your office, and you’ll begin to feel His presence like never before.

When you begin to worship God alone, He will reward you openly.  In God  there  is  no  defeat.  Whenever  you  suffer  an unsuccessful  thing  in  your  life,  it  is  because  Jesus  is  on  the outside looking in. He is not involved in it. Anything that Jesus gets involved in will be successful. There are no unsuccessful things in God. Everything in God is successful.

Praise Him in the Congregation

Now just because you worship God alone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever worship Him  when  others  are  around.  Psalm 111:1 says, Praise ye the Lord. I will praise the Lord with my whole heart, in  the  assembly [secret place, where no man sees you] of  the  upright,  and in   the congregation. God said to praise Him with the upright and in the congregation.

If you want God to help you and bless you abundantly, learn to worship Him and praise Him. Praise Him with your own mouth out loud so you can hear yourself praising Him, and worship Him with your whole heart in the assembly of the upright and in the congregation.

 Your Motive Is Important

You  don’t  have  to  show  somebody  how spiritual you are by embarrassing somebody else or by stopping somebody  on  their  job  while  someone  is  paying  them  to  be working.

If the situation calls for it and you feel led of the Lord, that’s fine, but always remember not to get out of order. Learn how to conduct yourself first of all. Always leave a person with a good taste in their mouth about you and Jesus.

We have all made  mistakes  in our lives. Sometimes  when somebody gets baptized in the Holy Spirit, they run around the country  trying  to  share  messages  in  tongues  with  everybody.
Now  God  would  like  for  everybody  to  speak  in  tongues,  I guarantee you, but people shouldn’t run around doing that.

They think: “Now that I am baptized in the Holy Ghost and I speak with other  tongues, I am going to go home  and  get my whole  family  baptized  in  the  Holy  Ghost  and  speaking  with
other tongues!” No. They need to take a different approach.

If they go home and say that to their family, the whole bunch may say,” What? You do what?”

I know a beautiful girl who was baptized in the Holy Ghost and spoke with other tongues. Then she went home and told her husband, “I speak in other tongues!”

He got so scared of her that he wouldn’t kiss her again. He said, “You’re not kissing me! You have one of those funny spirits.” They wound up getting a divorce.

Somebody (probably other than his wife) should have taken the Bible and sat down with him, showed him the Scriptures (1 Cor. 14; Acts 2:4), and explained to him intelligently about the plan  of  salvation  and  the  baptism in  the  Holy Spirit  with  the evidence  of  speaking  in  other  tongues.  Handling it that  way would  have  given him a  chance  to  understand  it.  At  least,  he might have understood it a little bit.

But she just blazed away at him with:  “I’ve got what you need. You need to be baptized in the Holy Ghost and speak with other tongues.”

She told the truth, but she didn’t handle it right. So she got no more kisses, and it wasn’t long until she was divorced.

Watch what you say and how you act around people. Be led by God in everything you do. Then you will always conduct yourself the way He wants you to.

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Norvel Hayes