These have been prepared since the foundation of the earth.  Now is the time to see them in their fulfillment.

1.- The anointing to destroy the yoke.

2.-  The anointing to bring down the high places, and

3.- The anointing to spoil.

Now, God is adding to us the Cyrus anointing.  We are in a time of war unlike any time since the fall of man.  We must stand against Bel, the kingpin of Babylon.  This anti-Christ or Babylonian spirit has permeated every kingdom on the earth.  We see it in the governmental, financial, religious, medical, educational, and business arenas.

It must be rooted out, pulled down, thrown down, and destroyed in order to build and plant the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Included in the Cyrus anointing is the anointing to build and to spoil.  Isaiah prophesied of him, “He is my shepherd, and shall perform all my pleasure – even the building of Jerusalem and the laying of the foundation of the temple.”  God also promised to dry up the rivers and command them to be dry.

This is interesting in remembering the swelling of the Jordan. (Isaiah 44:27-28)  In Isaiah 45 we find that God had taken hold of Cyrus’ hand and gone before him to subdue the nations, open gates, etc. He was anointed to bind and loose the strength that resided at the gates of Babylon, the strength of false gods and idol kings, and to open the two-leaved gate, the gates of hell.

God gave him the key to the house of David and went before him to make the crooked (swollen) places straight, lawful, and right.  God promised him the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches in secret places.  In all this, God used a gentile king for the sake of Israel, His elect.

Cyrus was provided the needed resources to build Jerusalem.  To see God’s kingdom built, a progressive anointing to spoil is needed.  This is also true for us today.  That is why this anointing is being released and is available to those who will receive it and move with the horses and chariots to the next move of God.  Not only will this result in the needed finances, but also a transfer of souls from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jeremiah 51 gives further insight into the Cyrus anointing.  In God’s day of coming against the Babylonians, He called Cyrus to be His battle axe and weapon of war.  He used Cyrus to break the nations, the horse, and rider, the chariot and its rider, the man and woman, the old and young, and the governors and the commanders into pieces.

Through Cyrus destruction came to the kingdoms and Babylon was repaid for all the evil that it had done in Zion.  Cyrus was a standard set up by God to execute God’s judgment.  Just like Cyrus was in his day, we must be that standard, prepared to spoil Babylon and request and execute judgment in the courts of heaven.  When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord will raise up a standard against him. Zech. 2:8, “After the glory hath he sent me to the nations that have spoiled you.”  God is sending us after the glory: the wealth and the souls of men.

Jesus gave us instruction on how to spoil and divide Satan’s kingdom and cause it to fall.  Matthew 12:28 says if demons are cast out by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you. How can you spoil the strongman’s house and carry off his goods without binding the strongman?

But once you bind the strongman, then you can spoil his house.  We have to learn how to contend with and overcome the kingdom of darkness and how to cause Satan’s kingdom to divide and destroy itself.  Our war is not against flesh and blood as in Joshua’s day, but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness.

Paul reminded the Ephesians of this when he told them to be strong in the Lord and in the power of HIS might.  It is only when we stand without wavering in the full armor of God, with all prayers and petitions in the anointing of the Holy Spirit, executing the judgments written at the courts of heaven that we will see the spoils transferred into the Church.

God, grant us the grace to do whatever it takes to move in the anointing to spoil.

This is God’s appointed time for us to ascend, be thrust into a new level of intercession – the Apostolic Dimension.  Once we have the understanding of the “Sent One” and of what we’ve been sent to do, we can pray it from the heavenly realm to the earthly.

Lord, teach us to receive, “Thy kingdom comes, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” so we won’t have to experience world war in the earth. Teach us how to ascend to the spiritual realm. ..  The gospel of the kingdom has not been preached in all the earth and all HIS enemies have not become his footstool, etc.

Father, pour out the spirit of wisdom and revelation so we know and understand how to work with You to bring all the foreordained events to completion so Your kingdom will be established on earth as it is in heaven.  And Lord, place a hunger in our hearts for the return of our Lord and Christ, so we will run and not be weary.

It’s time to take up the mantle of the anointing’s from all the moves of God, slap the Jordan, and command it to move out of the way, “Be dry – who are you to stand in the way of the Lord’s anointed who has been commissioned to accomplish HIS tasks on the earth?” Take hold of the new anointing and run with God’s horses and chariots onto the new move of God in the earth today!

Take hold of the new anointing and run with God’s horses and chariots onto the new move of God in the earth today!