Victory seems Lost? Let your Spirit Rise!  Stand.

“Go Teach My People Faith”

Have Faith in the only GOD, HE will do marvelous things.B-00059

Read II Corinthians 4:4 there is a god of this world to those that believe not. Ephesians 6:10-17

Many Christians expects me to use my Faith in God’s Word and agree with them, without let it me know what specifically are asking of God – it won’t work.

We most grow; our Lord desires to have STRONG LOCAL CHURCHES, strong pastors and each individual member of the congregation strong. God Holy Spirit moves mightily with such sings and wonder in local churches (have you seen precious gems, gold powder, creative miracles?) In One Accord = Unity and in Love demonstration. TAKING THE GOSPEL to the family next to your house. James 5:7 Our Lord expects fruits, what you have learned, what you have received? Freely give. Salvation – Resurrection – Power receiving God HS – Seated with Christ and reining = Kingdom of God.

Psalm 119:130 Walking in the Word, is the Light “I am a believer, I am not a doubter, I have Faith, my Faith works, my Faith is in God the Father, in the Word = Jesus Christ, God’s Word is truth, God’s Word works!”

Read Mark 11:23-26  Forgive…forgive, sin is a hindrance to Faith to Prayer, so you can have the Faith OF GOD. This is the major hindrance of prayer, HE warns us about it. Obey if you like to have your Prayers answered. Un forgiveness IS A SIN, not matter which sin is bigger, sin is sin.

Repent from the heart. What are sins of omission = you withhold doing good when you were able and did not do it, it is a sin. Deal with it.

Never permitted hard feelings, ill will to anyone, chose and refuse to do it. Be alert, the devil will suggest TOUGHTS and they may persist in staying, but THOUGHTS NOT SPOKEN OR PUT INTO ACTION ARE ABORTED. Die unborn.

If someone is mean toward you, remember Matthew 5:44 return good for evil, the thought of getting even, or an opportunity to be un kind, un polite, withhold a blessing toward that person, you most act DO GOOD TO THEM.

We need balance in a self examination. Some of us allowed evil to harass us with past sins, fails, mistakes that we have already repented – the devil brings the taught or picture pressing on our mind, the main objective is robbing us of our Faith in God, the Faith OF God. Do not look back, stay in the NOW, if we began to look back we allowed the devil to defeat us.

“Do you think I will require to do something of you that I will not be willing to do”? No Lord, because You are just. Matt 18  70×7  490 their sins will be forgiven. Judge yourself and you will not be judged. Jesus said HE will forgive you 490 failures, sins daily if you repented. Those sins do not exit after you confess and repented, do not try to justify yourself, that is a clear sign to you, you really are not honest with GOD, remember the son that return to his father, he said ‘forgive me for I have sin’

I Corinthians 11:31-32 when you do wrong, face to it – “What I did/or did not do is wrong, please forgive me Father and help me not to do it again”. Do not abuse Grace, you do not know when your life will be required.

II Corinthians 6:16-18 talk to Him the precious Holy Spirit, HE IS IN YOU.

Hebrews 12:1 There are weights (hindrances that slow the power of our Christian life, what is a weight to me, it may not be a weight to you, you can determine, this has nothing to do what people says you should do, this will keep you jumping trying to please them and you will not be at peace) and sins. What is sin? I John 3:4 the Law of Love, Love your GOD with all your heart…all the Law…

Stand your ground, stand your ground – Wrong thinking violates the Word of GOD (maybe my son will not be saved) salvation, healing belongs to my child, I will not let down, I will not let unbelief enter, the Promise is written, I spooked it, I believed and is so. The evil one will not rob me of this blessing.

GOD said it, He intended that I should have it, HE will not provide something for us, and then putted under locked key and not let us have it, which will be unjust, cruel. Daniel 10:12-13 Realized that is not GOD that is withholding from you, is the devil trying to slow down the manifestation STAND YOUR GROUND! BE CERTAIN THAT NOT UNBELIEF OR DOUBT IS PERMITTED IN YOUR LIFE CONCERNING THAT HAVE YOU HAVE ASKED ACCORDING TO HIS WORD, HIS PROMISED – CONSTANTLY CONFESS AND DECLARE HIS WORD IS THRUTH.

Read Acts 27:10 God did not told him, he had an inward perception,   .25 BE of GOOD cheer …this is the message of our LORD is given you NOW, …it shall be even as it was told me.

1.- I belong to God, to whom do you belong?

2.- I serve God, some says I am trying… not brother this is dangerous place.

3.- I Believe God that shall be even as it was told me. We have more assurance on the Word of God than any message of an angel.