Co create with Father

Salvation is not the finish or end of the line, just the beginning to an exciting Life in the thru sense of companion biblethe word.

Scripture says; add to your faith, virtue, knowledge, brotherly kindness and more. Coming to the knowledge of our LORD to His presence and learning to talk to Him in behalf of others, of cities, nations, the world and the whole creation as in the beginning when Adam talked with God, there were not just mere talk, both of them taking decisions on how to accomplish Father’s plan and purposes of the entire creation.

Remember how Abraham tried to stop the judgment of God on Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham was committing God to change it if He could find some just people, only found his cousin and family, God agree to spear  them, if there were more just people God was about to withhold judgment.

We are to be a blessing. How are you doing?

Lets learn  who we are in Christ, do not stop at the cross, do not stop at the resurrection, learn to live in the result of the resurrection… the…Glory can/should flow out of you and me.

Jesus said, my house shall be a house of prayer, is this building His house? No you and me are that house. He continues saying you have made it into a whole where thieves live.

Many are more concern in making a show at a service, they dance, sing, they dress appropriated, they press to hid the state of their heart.

It is time to clean house, we all fall for it and this is the last days, were darkness will turn into gross darkness and the Light will shine brighter. No more “not today – may be tomorrow” you can be called into His presence today.

What you do in prayer?

You meet with God. Yes your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; here you meet with God, you go in, remember the King in us. There is a conversation between God and you, here you bring to His attention issues of your heart, your city, the government, the solution for the small and global issues. Counsel together.

Remember not two can walk together unless they are in agreement. There must be agreement between you and God, bring an issue to be solve on the basis of the Word-Truth. Do not mention how big seems the problem, speak of how powerful, strong, caring… is Papa to you.

It is often that someone asks you to agree for a quick prayer or need, first must be settle in your heart the daily ongoing communion with your God, from this platform seated with Christ in the third heaven then you can help others.

Rudy is a good example, why his prayers are answered with ease, no struggle. He lives in Him. We can too, in Psalm 91 all those who live permanently in His presence, let’s not go out, we are in this world, but are not of this world. Study Psalm 91, the precious Holy Spirit will teach you what Father says, what man says, what Jesus says and what our Holy Spirit says will do, is awesome, I will place it soon in this section.

There is a corporate prayer, this we will talk on another segment.

What is Vocational Love?

Is when you place others needs before yours. Called also intercession = intercourse is a business term.

There are 3 parties involved, Father God is so holy and no one can approach Him with sin, Father desires to talk and be with His children, you and me and a Mediator is needed, one that is totally holy and divine Jesus. Is only thru Jesus, thru His blood Father sees us and we can approach Father, hug Him, kiss Him, call Him and His attention is on us, this is called prayer, when we intercede is when we are aware of danger of a soul, and we ask for another opportunity, more time, grace extended to this soul or situation and Father will always choose what is best, there are areas of a soul we do not know the thru condition, at times this soul have been turned to satan continue destruction of their flesh that the soul thru disobedience or rebellion have let satan in, when this soul realized how awful is his condition, his heart will seek God and He will received his repented soul into reconciliation or salvation and in heaven.

Many times repented souls keep their lives clean for a short while and fall into the same temptations and his soul is again far of God of their own choice and if there is no intercessor and the soul dies in this state, he is lost. See how important is an intercessor, you just obey God Holy Spirit when He ask you to pray/intercede, when you sense victory or peace is on Fathers heart and hands.

We can bring God to Man

We can bring Man to God


Daniel  prayed Rev 1

Father desires all to move in:

Read Daniel 9:1 reading the book, gain understanding of the times ahead, time to rebuild Jerusalem. Learn His Word and also understanding, we have God Holy Spirit.

Scripture says when two agree…Jessie Duplantis was taken to heaven, one question he asked after seeing so many beautiful things was “where is the Holy Spirit” and they look at him surprise he could asked that question. Jesus said when I leave I will send you the Holy Spirit and He will remain with you. HE IS ON EARTH. He show me when I pray base on His Word, He agrees with me, legally we are two, and also one.

Pray at all times, with your understanding and in your heavenly language.