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Understanding The Ages


We invite positive contributions and ask you seek God for confirmation of your own definition of ages, so we are not reacting against religious waters in our body. It is your responsibility to confirm things in heaven. This understanding may change as this is the nature of living out of revelation not doctrine.

We would welcome if you feel led to SHARE ANY PAGES so we open up understanding to a wider audience. This topic opens up the understanding of how we can reside in eternity and govern from there so we are growing in understanding the immense size of what we are called to AS MANIFEST SONS.


We are resonating strongly with revelation on 9 ages:-

Enlightenment , church age, kingdom age, ecclesia age, order of Melchizedek, peace, rest, new beginnings, Zion.

We are beginning to see we operate out of the age we believe in governmentally, so it is important to group with those who are moving in the same age and call others in. Trying to persuade or argue with those who are not hungry for change ,we have found unfruitful. This does not mean we can’t access any realm in Heaven but it is about where we govern from with the greatest authority.

AFTER seeking Heaven repeatedly in encounters about this at the moment I hear as a father, we need to grow in understanding and be led through some ages, rather than thinking we can function out of the last age immediately, as our spirit man needs to mature by taking responsibility to know heaven well enough that our creation is not destroyed. Responsibility is not works when done in rest and where joy and mandates exist (i.e. your led not duty).


Where we get a sense of a higher purpose and a God and a sense there is a creation not random chaos under no authority.


Where we have needed a covering or building instead of seeing we are the temple of the Holy Spirit or where 2 or 3 are gathered there is Jesus. We are seeing the five fold ministry only is relevant in this age.


We begin to see that we fulfill gods purposes through our jobs/scrolls than just ministry in a church (often called Marketplace thinking).  We move to understanding a large kingdom of heaven exists with many layers of heaven.

Moving away from bringing people into church and planting churches but making disciples and manifest sons. ALSO RULING AS KINGS ON OUR MOUNTAINS away from servants, bond servants or orphans. We understand what a manifest son is and the difference between a Lord and a King. We accept our Call to Dominion over the earth as mentioned in Genesis.


Ecclesia age is moving to participating in government. No more spectators/listeners. We see we are all equal priests.

No paid clergy to do the job of showing us the way.

We recognise we don’t go to church we are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

We are one united body.

We operate around scrolls and ages we choose to live out of, so are outward not just focus on relationship with god and a receiving mentality.

We choose responsibility not just intimacy and cleansing. We can all become oracles seeing the heavenly blueprint.  We can still make disciples without going to traditional church.

Seeing courts maybe in this age.

We learn to become a judge in our own courtroom and see we are called to be a father of generations.

We move away from wanting prophecy given to us but learn in Benches we can operate out of all four faces of God seeing a blueprint and doing a governmental act to operate in all four faces of god (lion, ox, eagle, man).


We become one new man (uniting Hebrew and Greek Christian thinking) and awaken to the fact in eternity we are without genealogy, a spirit being capable of being outside time.

We move beyond spiritual warfare to seeing the positive heavenly blueprint and as light beings we transform the earth and co – create. We do not need to convert to Hebrew traditions as we are creating a new merged order (new Heaven and new earth) where the Jewish people are to give up their traditions also.


All verdicts are complete under the finished works of Christ. We don’t need to warfare in the sense of killing dragons. We move above principalities and and grow in understanding of who we are and our authority. We live out of our future selves. We can step into our future selves and see more about what we are doing and what character we possess to cope with it.


THIS IS NOT about letting go responsibility AND ENGAGING INTIMACY. Age of rest is ruling in the midst of chaos. We have such authority that we show up to govern, no more legislating and more hearing cases in courts . We can rule by releasing angels, living letters, using our shepherd staff like Moses, breathing. Releasing light and a frequency. THE FATHER created then rested from creation but that rest is always hovering ruling. He never takes his rule away from creation in the day of rest.


We see we live out of the reality of rev 21 and 22 and abundance, where we see the need to create a new Heaven and a new earth. We can begin our part in creating a new heaven and which when formed will lead to a new earth. But we have to create in heaven before we see a new earth.

We see we are the New Jerusalem descending ruling this like a city and our body represents the temple able to govern where ever we have a mandate. We hover over things and can mandate angels to keep the frequency going of the mandate.


Here we rest fully on the complete finished works of Christ as Jesus died before the creation of the world we are told in scripture.

We reside and govern from many realms in eternity/infinity benching with the trinity, with father as ancient of days as we are told we are ready, and benching with Jesus in infinity in the city of Zion with DAVID ruling in rest over the cities / kingdoms we have created. Able to create new realms as Heaven is always expanding.

Rev 22 says we still rule. This is not works mentioned in the bible as this is linked with salvation.

 (See our pages to see the organic way we see the new wineskin meeting according to ages and scrolls not location).


We have discerned in encounters that the city of Zion may be the final place we rule over when there is a new heaven and new earth (see ps 48- 8 to 12). This becomes the FINISHED NOW. As there is an eternity Now where we release the existing qualities of Heaven like love joy peace.

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