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The Gateways of Man

Cleansing The Gateways of Man

There are 21 gates that were designed to come out from our first love gate into the Kingdom of the Earth, but we have opened our gates to the world and allowed the things of the world to pollute our gates. Notice that the arrows are pointing from the outside inward.




The overwhelmed gates which are polluted by the world produces the following:


  • Deception, confusion, Compromise


  • Fear, Hazards, Pride, Weakness


  • Stubbornness, Rebellion, Witchcraft

1st Love

  • Anger, Lust, Hatred, Bloodshed



When the Spirit Reigns everything begins to come out from our 1st Love gate into the Kingdom of the Earth.

As I have engaged the Courts of Heaven and in viewing testimonies of those getting a backlash from the accuser of the brethren, I discovered that a process has been established which requires the Sons of God to take responsibility for theirs life’s decisions. We must begin the transformation process with cleansing our 21 gateways. There are areas in the believer which give the accuser the legal right to torment, afflict with sickness, lack of financial resources, broken relationships and much, much more.

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