Tether To Heaven

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Untethering and Learning to Tether to Heaven.



You can positively tether to heaven by entangling heavenly beings and the trinity.

The more you connect the more you tether in a good way.


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In this fantastic teaching, Ian reminds us that we are spirits with souls in bodies, that we were not made for this world. As such, this world attempts to tether us to the natural, when we were made for the supernatural. Imagine: untethering from the constraints of this world to be free to roam the heavenly kingdom in your spirit 24/7! What a delicious thought! Well... sit back, listen, absorb and enjoy... Just believe! Please note: the engagement exercise at the end is purposely left off at Ian's request, to avoid misuse or it being taken out of context. Any engagement exercise is based on faith, and is merely an example of something to engage with to help one focus their faith, not to be used as a magical incantation. As such, believers, use your sanctified imagination to create your own engagement exercise to untether yourself from the influences of this world.

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Ian Clayton – "Untethering” 

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