Authority of God’s Word

The Authority of God’s Word             In our study of this subject, let us turn first to the words of Jesus Himself. He is here speaking to the Jews and is justifying the claim which He has made, and which the Jews had contested, that He is the Son of God. In support of His […]

Will you Run with the Horses?

These have been prepared since the foundation of the earth.  Now is the time to see them in their fulfillment. 1.- The anointing to destroy the yoke. 2.-  The anointing to bring down the high places, and 3.- The anointing to spoil. Now, God is adding to us the Cyrus anointing.  We are in a […]


Here some insights to propel you… WILL YOU RUN WITH THE HORSES? SOUL REDEMPTION  

Power to Restore

Prayer is the Spiritual Platform for Empowerment There is no power stronger than of Jesus, Now every other power operating against you I declared broken in Jesus Name. Someone is breaking thru. Prayer is the spiritual platform for empowerment. Prayer has been greatly abused; many have used just to get things. It is a platform […]

Reconcile to God

Awake the God in us. Genesis 1:26- Let us make man unto Our image      Father God created us in His class. With the ability to function as He functions. When I look at the Trinity, I look at myself. The more I learn about God, the more I learn about myself. Sin stopped Adam […]

His Peace is Available to You

Open your Bible Esther 4:11 – Philippians 4:6-7 You do your part and then the Lord moves, move as His directs you with these in your heart: I will/chose to be willing and obedient. Let’s learn how to put on the Gospel of Peace. KJV  6Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and […]