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Stumbling Blocks

Progressing in the Heavenly Realms


BELIEVING IT IS ALL ABOUT INTIMACY/bridal preparation/sanctification RATHER dominion or DNA transformation (To move beyond the shadow of Death). WE ARE HOLY.

WAITING TO BE LED all the time but not seeing our corrupt mind can close gateways so we won’t be led in certain directions  but we may not realise it. Also God wants to use the body so often won’t reveal directly to us if we are not honouring the body by at least considering their revelation. Does not mean we are to follow anything without checking in heaven. I cry out for truth daily. As a mature son we can feel or desire to do certain acts that we may not see in vivid pictures.

NOT UNDERSTANDING THE TIMELINE AND SPIRITUAL AGES SO we don’t know if a verse in the bible is for now or not.

NOT CROSS POLLINATING but sticking with a tribe who may be operating at a lower age. All arcs operate at a certain age and this is why they are different.

NOT GIVING BACK ANY REVELATION TO THE BODY– keeping for profit/copyrighting/or just so people won’t pervert it without proper explanation. Dialogue and encounters stop perversion not preaching it from a distance and most revelation needs updating very quickly as becomes of an old age so books can be dangerous.

WANTING TO WORK FULL TIME IN MINISTRY SO NEEDING TO CHARGE FOR MATERIAL – causing a lot of false trading as need to keep courses going to raise money and can stop people moving to a higher calling that is not paid. Payment is deemed a form of credibility contributing to paid clergy/laity divide. We then end up with experts not priesthood of all believers.

DOING THINGS IN A LINEAR FASHION TO AVOID OVERWHELM, i.e., will learn about courts first  but heaven is not linear (more spiral/multi dimension). Going where life, joy, fun is good which may mean operating at different ages.

MOUNTAINS COMBINE when you go up in higher ages so things simplify and scrolls get defined in bigger more positive terms and less earthly. New heaven terms, e.g., lion sitting with the lamb. Seeing words like Complete health, unlimited supply, total justice, full truth.




One of my longstanding mandates from the lord has been to remove the stumbling blocks out of the way of gods people.

These are some stumbling blocks I have discerned in the heavenly realms that can or are stopping people from entering fully the holy of holies.

You could Choose two and really seek to work on those this week or keep coming back to this document to review. Taking these to the courts could help you move forward.

Always look at how far you have come though and celebrate your progress to experience joy.

Points from the Diagram explained in more detail

Complacency – I will get to it some day but that day does not come very often.

Not working on our weakest gateways and only going through the same gateways. The more that are open the greater our sight and progress.

Overwhelmed because of so much new revelation. This does pass and our hunger grows if we keep wanting more. Our IQ often increases from going into heaven.

Not being willing to pay the cost or getting distracted by life (Focusing on intimacy, doing things in rest and knowing our scroll and what part we were designed to make, makes the cost seem very small).

Thinking we have to see everything. Hearing and discerning in the spirit is still a valid way to walk with God.

Not applying knowledge by going into heaven. This leads to lack of confidence and inhibits seeing, as it becomes head knowledge.

Becoming isolated and only going into heaven on our own. Working as a body really helps and we need agreement with others to form a window to translate this to earth. One anothering is a strong biblical principle.

Fear of man- fear of contributing unless corrected or mocked or judged. “Fear of man will prove to be a snare.” We are powerful sons who have a right to speak and to learn we have to be willing to make mistakes.

Fear of heresy – I might be misled (more likely in heresy by not investigating things as open debate reduces heresy).

Fear of letting our imagination be free and having faith as a little child.

Lack of excellence -saying it is okay to have different expressions of church so miss the biblical / heavenly blueprint.

Fear of lack of community and so holding on to old wineskins and old mandates. We have to let go of the old to form new community. The old was having limited effect.

Trading on wrong platforms, maybe even attending a church not based on good principles. See negative trading floor documents.

Believing you are not worthy to give to anyone or I will give when I know more. We learn by giving.

Always wanting to cleanse. (Working on our mandate and going to places of intimacy can be done along side). Balance is always better.

Stubbornness to change – always done it this way or that way won’t work – believing we need face to face for community.

Wanting the blessing for our own circumstances so not helping others –

Not taking on the authority we are given and holding back for fear of the enemy. (When we know  our mandate we are safe to take authority). In heavenly realms the devil is not allowed to act.

Not taking authority over a familiar spirit when it has already been dealt with in the courts.

Not recognising the 9 voices in heavenly realms that testify to our ability to go into the courts so fearing going in the courts.

Waiting for God rather than recognising HE waits for us to desire more.

Not building up your spirit man enough.

Thinking we need to understand the theology and/or science first before seeking intimacy first. The OT fathers never had a bible or science lessons.

Employing experts to take us into heaven or do court cases regularly instead of learning to do it ourselves.

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