How to See in the Spirit

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How to See in the Spirit

As I mentor the Sons of God, the first thing they say is that they can't see.......

If you are reading this, then that is more than enough proof to me that you “Clearly See in the spirit realm” and now you have my permission to call yourself a seer.

Every time I  hear a born-again believer say, “No I still don’t see – I want to but I just can’t…” No offense but if you had that thought or something similar, I have to say to you , “Who told you you cannot see!" ..... You are believing a lie, and You are ‘merrily’ walking in deception just like blind Bartimaeus“. So you can continue believing you don’t see just like Blind Bartimaeus before he met Jesus in Mark 8:22-25,

22 And they came to Bethsaida. And [people] brought to Him a blind man and begged Him to touch him.

23 And He caught the blind man by the hand and led him out of the village; and when He had spit on his eyes and put His hands upon him, He asked him, Do you [possibly] see anything?

24 And he looked up and said, I see people, but [they look] like trees, walking.

Opps, wrong dimension...

25 Then He put His hands on his eyes again; and the man looked intently [that is, fixed his eyes on definite objects], and he was restored and saw everything distinctly [even what was at a distance]. – you need to have an encounter with Jesus just like Blind Bartimaeus did and see.

So until you have an encounter with Jesus and believe that He can heal your blindness, you will continue to believe the lie.

But wait, if you are a “John 3:3 born-again believer” then you have met Jesus and your claim that you can’t see is invalid… either you are a liar, so someone is lying, it’s either you or Jesus.

For those who where offended by that last paragraph,then get over it and  realize that the rest will be nicer and more helpful.

So if you know that God is not a liar then what is your issue with not  “seeing in the spirit“. Let me say this, every born again (born from above) believer sees in the spirit the moment they believe (when they enter into an intimate vital relationship) with Jesus as Lord, Savior, and Friend.

It happened to me, I began to see visions which terrified me. As my relationship with Jesus grew, I began to understand the Mysteries of the Kingdom (Luke 8:10).

If you are not sure about that relationship, stop reading –> go take care of real business and return; these words will wait for you.

For those who left welcome back, for those who are beginning to believe, let’s continue.

Ok,  the truth is that every born-again believer sees but not everyone PERCEIVES (believes that they see). There are several reasons why this may be your reality.

When you will leave the “blind Bartimaeus reality“, another words when you STOP THINKING you know how to see in the spirit. I don’t have enough words or energy to document all the ways that we make “seeing” so hard… SO here are the facts:

Fact 1:  There is only ONE place where you Perceive or See and that is inside your brain.

Fact 2:  Everyone (including Jesus) sees from that ONE place (screen) in your brain. Some call it the Third is behind your forehead. Ian calls it the black screen.

Fact 3:  Images (natural & spirit) are perceived from that one screen.

Fact 4:  You (your brain) only perceives (stores/validates) what you train it to validate.

Fact 5:  Believing is a requirement to seeing (You will ONLY see what you believe or what you value).

Fact 6: Seeing in the spirit is a choice not a gift.

Based on these facts, everyone sees but some of us have NOT exercised or TRAINED our brain to SEE images that our born-again spirit-man is putting on our screen.

Is it that simple, Yes.

What about those people who see angels and all kinds of cool stuff in the spirit… First, never ever stop comparing yourself or your abilities to others. You can see all that “they” see if you believe the images that your spirit-man places on your screen. To see in “high definition“, you must exercise your senses. The more you believe to see, the more that you will see.

The you will say..... I was once blind but now I see.

After reading this your natural senses (Flesh) may tell you that you can’t see but you MUST believe the truth and not the lies.

Here is what Jesus said to His disciples...

And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand. (Lk. 8:10)

Are you going to continue believing the lie or are you going to take hold of the truth.


you don’t have to wait to be led there . Practice imagining things in heaven like the bridal chamber, garden of God, dance floor , trading floor sea of glass. Then observe what happens( discern, hear, see through the eyes of your heart so you may not physically see things).  You can create things in your own garden by planting seeds of right acts you have done and make it look whatever you want it to look. It is your sanctuary .


Set your heart on a question and ask wisdom .

Believe the smallest signs you see in the spirit and then your confidence grows they are real as you speak them out for confirmation . They often are not bright or obvious for a long time until gateways are really open and the greater conscious of mankind is awakened by opening many everlasting doors for the ecclesia . (we are an everlasting door).


You can take being deceived into court to be judged so you can discern right from wrong


Don’t say it is silly or not real but engage relationship more than “prove it to me god mentality”


Step in by faith till you see and go in with others quickly – this really helps – we have open encounters that you can observe or contribute whenever you feel confident . (Community with others is key and so  listening to podcasts alone can not allow you to take your governmental place ).

Choose to keep all your 21 gateways open every day.


Deal with familiar spirits that work with religious spirits and keep short accounts. Deal with offenses and bitterness in the courts.


Allow yourself to be like a child, free to do silly things beyond your wildest imagination.

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