Scribes Arise

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Saw in the spirit, two massive angels. One held a book and the other held a massive pen. I asked who they were, and they said, “We are scribe angels and we have been released on the Body of Christ for such a time as this.”

As I started to pray about this and dig further, God started to show me what He wanted to do in this time, and for many with a God given assignments to write!

The Scribe

In Biblical times, the scribe held a position of great authority in both the Roman Empire and in the nation of Israel. Scribes were the writers who wrote the decrees of those who were in authority, and in Israel this included Scripture.

Jesus said scribes had a particular role and they were the ones who brought forth new treasures. Matthew 13:52, “And He said unto them, therefore every scribe who hath been made a disciple to the Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a man that is a householder, who brings forth out of his treasure things new and old.”

The words in Greek bring forth is ekballo and it means to tear open with force, to draw out, and also it can mean to transfer from the one sending to the one receiving. Treasure in Greek is thesauros and a thesaurus means words that have specific meanings.

Jesus saw the role of the writer as one who drew out and tore open new treasure, which He said was in Words! In times past, we used writing implements but today we use technology.

This Generation of Writers

As I prayed, I saw these angels releasing men and women and even YOUNG CHILDREN to tear open the veil that has been over the treasure of words, hidden from the past generation, and now the secrets of the revelation of the treasure/words are opened to this generation.

Modern Day Scribes

God is releasing treasures to journalists and writers in this day. The sphere of media today has had enormous authority in shaping culture and even swaying government decisions.

God is raising up modern scribes in the Church who will reshape the culture into the culture of Kingdom. God is releasing an authority on them and they will begin to have such influence through the medium of videos, blogs, books, columns and articles in magazines and papers.

The pen will become their pulpit and they will begin to shape the culture of the next generation. It’s time for those who have felt to write – to write and to encourage those journalists in our midst to tear open the veil to uncover the hidden secrets in the treasure of words in this season!


In the days of old, the Gospel always followed the trade routes. Even looking today, we see the revival that occurred on the Roman Road, the Silk Road etc., and these routes became the communication network of their day! The Reformation of Europe was spread through this form of communication, through the printing press.

We are entering into a time of revival and the reformation. The landscape of nations is changing and the preachers in this reformation will be the modern day scribes! There is always a vacuum of authority that comes just before revival and reformation, and people scramble to find leadership.

God is raising leaders in the Modern Day Scribes. They can gain huge followings on social media, and He is raising up those who will submit to Him, hear His voice, and bring out treasure! The scribes of the Kingdom of Heaven will be sound in Biblical truth and have integrity and holiness as their mark. These men and women will be bold in sharing perceptions from a Kingdom perspective and draw out the secrets of our time through words.

It is time for the scribes, the journalists, bloggers, authors, and those who know they are to write a book, a blog, an article, etc., – to arise in the authority of the assignment and tear the veil that is over the eyes of this generation and dig out the treasure of the words He placed within you.

It’s time to write! It’s time to arise and take hold of the new assignment you have been given and see the authority of God come upon you.

Will you say “yes” to the call……

“Modern Day Scribes Arise!” By Amanda Wells

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