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Dr. Rudy Rodriguez D.D.

Dr. Rudy Rodriguez D.D.

Dr. Rudy is like no other educator in the industry. His method follows a 3 step process he has perfected through 2 decades getting results for himself and over a decade helping people just like you get results.

The Restoration of All Things


There is so much more to restoration than anyone has imagined or thought. The ‘all things’ goes beyond all expectations from just the physical sphere.

The restoration of all things within the context of relationship with Me (Father) is the outworking of His love.

How could He be a loving God and not be motivated by love towards the whole of creation to restore it to

Firstly, its original estate and then to see it fulfilled His original intention within the context of true Sonship.

The first and the last will be restored. The sons of God will be restored both first and second through the last Son (Jesus) of God who gave Himself as the offering before creation to ensure the eventual restoration of creation.

Son, only that which was not My intention cannot be restored; and that is the DIY-tree-path, as the fig tree has been destroyed from the roots up.

After all the shaking, only that which is of My kingdom will remain as the platform to the ascension of man within creation’s restoration. The ascension of sonship will reveal and facilitate the full scope of restoration and ongoing expansion within the ages to come. Restoration is but the beginning not the end; there is so much more that is possible

The truth is that nothing that has been created or made is separated from Him, as I am within all things and all things are within Me. That truth means that all things have life within them: as I am alive therefore all of creation is alive.

Son, focus on the restoration of sonship through the deconstruction and expansion of consciousness, in both relationship and responsibility. Restoration of I am as love, through the deconstruction of the wrong image of the angry GOD of religion, is vital.

Restoration of all things can only be framed in My love relationship with creation through My love for all My children. Restoration of all things must be framed by the oracles of My heart, which is limitless grace and abundant, overflowing mercy.

Grace and mercy are just expressions of My precepts; the pure essence of love, that is who I am.

Resurrecting, restoring, reconciling, redeeming, renewing, refreshing love that is bringing creation back to My original intention within the Perichoresis of I am, so that you can be all in all, in all that I am intended.

Perichoresis comes from the Greek: περιχώρησις perikhōrēsis, “rotation”) it is a term referring to the relationship of the three persons of the triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) to one another. Intertwining within one another, going in and out of one another.

I am your Father; rest in Me and your sonship will be revealed, one degree of glory after another, until you become an ascended father in your own right. Keep close to My heart and let My thoughts become your thoughts so My oracles will be your motivation and your guide.

Feel the heartbeat of heaven and resonate with its rhythm; follow the seasons of judgment, justice, grace and mercy; and align the circle of the deep. The old order has repeated the patterns of the past and are being removed. Do not let the same mistakes be made again.

Herald the dawning of a new season and embrace the freedom that is coming; and issue the warning that justice is being delivered to free the Joshua Generation from the wilderness. Those who have crossed over but are still operating in the mediatorial (Mediators: Pastors, prophets, apostles) Moses systems will lose their positions of influence as I will expose the hypocrisy by the light of truth.

Mountains will crumble and fall into the sea, the valleys will be lifted up, the rough places made smooth and the crooked places made straight. Son, do everything in honor; with honesty and integrity. Son, be careful; and ensure you do everything righteously in love. The kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy in the spirit, living in the state of rest. 

The kingdom and rest are in fact synonymous terms, as you can’t rule without the rest of relationship.

Resting in Me is trusting in Me for provision, protection and direction and doing nothing from the DIY tree path of independence.

I am Jehovah Jireh and I am all in all, your sufficiency. Son, trust Me and rest. Mobilize the cloud of witnesses and the angelic legions and begin interacting and assigning missions and tasks. Engage the angelic canopy and learn to function with the living beings at a new level. I am desires that you take your place within My councils and become more active within My kingdom government.

Love encounters are the only thing powerful enough both to restore relationship and facilitate the deconstruction and renewal of the mind, to expand the consciousness to enable the responsibility of sonship to be correctly motivated.

Encountering the oracles of the Father’s heart will create the desire for true restoration in relationship and responsibility.

  • Passion of the Father’s heart for all His children and all creation
  • Burning desire of the Father’s heart for all His children and all creation
  • Intense joy of the Father’s heart for all His children and all creation
  • Deep compassion of the Father’s heart for all His children and all creation
  • Overwhelming love of the Father’s heart for all His children and all creation

Son, I am that I am; and I will unveil and reveal Myself. I will manifest true reality to clearly demonstrate love as My very essence. I am revealing love’s power to change reality. It is only true love, and love that is true, that will change, transform and renew the minds of those trapped beneath the religious veils of deception that have misrepresented Me as distant, angry and needing appeasement.

The old covenant is man’s covenant with Me through the knowledge of DIY religion that has created many gods in their own image. The god who needs appeasing through sacrifice and offerings is the god of their own imagination. I have travelled all roads to find those of My children who have been lost – but they were not roads of My making. Religion has obscured relationship by making it conditional on performance and works when it has always been about love and grace.

Son, legislate for true love to be revealed and for love bombs and heavenly lightning bolts to explode and penetrate any veils of darkness and deception.

  • I call for love’s light to shine brightly
  • I call for love’s light to reveal true reality
  • I call for love’s light to expose man-made religious doctrines and theology
  • I call for the protection of the environment to allow openness and honesty
  • I call for the freedom portal to be open and for sentinel angels to guard and protect
  • I call for a heavenly manifestation of love’s power to deconstruct and renew minds and change hearts.
  • I call for heavenly encounters, dreams and visions; to create cognitive dissonance that will produce transformation.

I call for the Restoration of All Things

  1. Restoration of Relationships: 
  • God and man, 
  • man and man, 
  • spirit and soul, 
  • soul and spirit, 
  • heaven and earth, 
  • dimensions, time and eternity
  1. Restoration of Innocence
  1. Restoration of the primordial state
  1. Restoration of identity
  1. Restoration of position
  1. Restoration of authority
  1. Restoration of abilities
  1. Restoration of righteousness
  1. Restoration of wholeness and oneness
  1. Restoration of fragmentation
  1. Restoration of elemental connections
  1. Restoration of creation
  1. Restoration of creative light
  1. Restoration of harmony
  1. Restoration of rest
  1. Restoration of love, joy and peace
  1. Restoration of the ancient paths
  1. Restoration of energy
  1. Restoration of frequency
  1. Restoration of resonance
  1. Restoration of the mind and consciousness
  1. Restoration of the emotions
  1. Restoration of body
  1. Restoration of health
  1. Restoration of DNA
  1. Restoration of all energy gates
  1. Restoration of all systems

When you vibrate with love, creation can resonate with the sons of God in the harmony of the music of the spheres. The sevens are the completeness of the three and the four of governmental relationship converging with the nine and the twelve, governmental perfection.

These are the next steps; they are the beginnings of the ‘greater works’ but there are many more to follow if you keep walking in the light and as the light.

  • Live loved
  • Love living
  • Live loving
  • Rest