Awake the God in us. Genesis 1:26- Let us make man unto Our image     let us make man unto our image

Father God created us in His class.

With the ability to function as He functions. When I look at the Trinity, I look at myself. The more I learn about God, the more I learn about myself.

Sin stopped Adam and Eve to reach their full potential in God.  Genesis 3:1-  Not touching the tree was testing them if they will choose His way or their way. Sin deceived man to be self contain and since they were created in God image, they could choose not to depend on God.

“Behold the man has become as one of Us”… this statement is not confusing; in your individual life you are the only one that can re-direct God another way. Man has change his divine destine plan by God.

This is why your walk with God is individual; you cannot go as a group, a committee.

Where God wants you to be, it is not agree with religion or man’s tradition, or fake humble. Matthew 3:16- …”in whom I AM well pleased” Father is not saying to the Divinity of Jesus, at this time Jesus have not been yet empower by the Holy Spirit – and not yet resurrected, hear in your heart Father  have not heal anyone, and Father declares His pleasure in Jesus and in you.

Mark 1:10- …”the time is fulfill the Kingdom of God is at hand”…the time to do things as God is here it is being restored. I need you to repent, change the way you think and start walking toward your God likeness v16 –

More detailed, I AM here to restore God’s way. Luke 5: Jesus is demonstrating what we can do. Fishes come here!

Genesis 1:28 Dominion – Jesus is teaching us to do as in the Garden of Eden! He is demonstrating what shall we do now – We are in Him and He is in us, remember Father is already well please; we are picking it up, where we left it off. The Garden of Eden did not cover the whole earth, as you remember they were expelled from the garden, the rest of the world was for Adam and Eve to exercise His Blessing, Dominion and Authority, where you are is where you can manifest these attributes Father has given us. The Garden of Eden was our example and we where to go out and reproduce what was in the garden, let these truths take root and there is your ministry. Father has given us that ability.

Multiply…there is Eden on the East, now establish one Eden in the West, another Eden on the North and another in the South. One Eden in Hesperia, one in Victorville, one in Apple Valley, one in Adelanto, one in Washington D.C., one in Los Angeles, one in Hollywood, one in…

When we realize we are the SONS OF GOD you and me doesn’t have to guess where the money is coming from, just called it MONEY COMETH!  You do not have to guess where your healing is coming from, call your provision in and doubt not.

Jesus instructed Kenneth E. Hagin not to pray for money, just call the amount required for the task or need and from that point on, thank Him, praise Him and trust Him.

Never again say “I am a sinner saved by Grace…”  “Remember where you come from” no brothers, you should stay there. You are pulling yourself out of His will, stopped, speak as He speaks only.

John 14:17 “as God is, so are we in this world”… what you run from it, why you talk yourself out of it? Some people may influence you, but only your big mouth takes you out of it of being like God, and you wonder why things won’t work out. You are trying to live in this world system, remember you are in this world but you are not of this world system. You are acting like a fish out of the water, you may have some victories, but not without struggle, with sickness and family relationships broken; come back to the water!


When you struggle is a sign you are trying without God.

Be and live in Christ.

To act like Jesus, we need His mind set. Have the same confidence, the same thoughts, that resting attitude. III John 2: Beloved I desire that you do the work of Jesus as His soul prospered yours too. Jesus never attack anyone personal, He dealt with situations. When Jesus put away the flakey people crying for this girl death, they mock Him, there was so much unbelief that He sends them away.

You may have to leave “friends” behind, build yourself in the Word of God, this is your journey, and no one else comes up with you.

Jesus was the most misunderstood person, not even the 12 understood Him, do not look for people to encourage you, encourage yourself in His Word. God Himself will reveal your true nature, if you are not talking with Him, how can you reach your full potential in Him?

The Word takes you to His presence and then He speaks to your heart, you say something like: Father I need Your Wisdom in this situations…Father I love You, how things over there?… Father show me Your will in…should I married this person?…

Philippians 2:5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God thought it no robbery to be equal (reconcile) with God.

This example may help you, reconcile in these scriptures is in a form as an account will use it, one column on the balance line most be equal to de column you are trying to reconcile. One column is God almighty and the second is Jesus Christ and we all who believe in Him are IN HIM, most equal – that both columns most reflect the same balance. Another way to see it is you check book balance most be the same as the bank statement you received. Is there are discrepancies is in our side, not God side.

The solution find the problem (there is not a causeless curse), ask the Lord to show you and repent.

Be holy as He is holy.