Lift Up Your Eyes!

Categories : Prophetic Word Series

Chuck Pierce – Friday, January 25, 2013

This is a season that we must continue to declare that our blessings are on the way! In the press of daily life, do not allow your focus to shift from the Author and Perfecter of our faith, to the circumstances and obstacles around us. This latest post on the Prophecy Center will encourage you to lift up your eyes and see in a new way!
“Lift up your eyes! Lift up your eyes! Your redemption is drawing nigh that which you need Me to come through on your behalf. Lift up your eyes and see! For you were looking in one plane and one direction. If you will lift up your eyes I will show you a horizon line that is set further than you have seen in the past. Lift up your eyes for your help is on the way.
“For all the blessings in spiritual places I’ve given you, many of you have forgotten what I have
spoken. And many [blessings] were hidden from one generation that I’m ready to reveal in
another generation. So lift up your eyes, for above you, where I am seated in that Heavenly
place, I am ready to reveal to you what you could not see even in the year that you have just
“For one generation will begin to pass off their gift to another. When that happens, this
generation will become a rearguard to those that are now moving on the front line. Get ready,
for a movement has begun and Heaven has entered the earth realm and My people are beginning
to move in a new way with revelation.
“There is a sound that I am bringing forth. For I have a people that will create the winds that
are necessary to rearrange many events in the earth. Watch for the rearrangement of
events. Watch for that which couldn’t be bridged, to be bridged. Watch for what could not be
penetrated, to be opened up. Watch for that which was out of order, to be reordered. Bring
forth the sounds into the earth that will cause some things to tumble, other things to be rebuilt,
and some things to rise up and display the power that Heaven has not had displayed in the past
season. Let Heaven be seen in the earth realm and let My people go forth in triumph.
“I have purchased right of ways in the earth realm, and those ways have not been pioneered
before. But now I’m raising up a people and I’m giving them rights to ways that need to be
opened up. Go! I have the deed to the right of way, and paved the way for many to come into a
new place.”
During this prophetic release I saw there was a salve being put upon the eyes of God’s
people. He showed me that in the past there has been a discouragement that our eyes have seen,
there has been a violence that our eyes have seen, and there has been an impurity that our eyes
have seen. The Spirit of the Lord then continued, “I’m bringing down the wind into the earth
realm that’s stirring up the oil and the anointing to anoint the vision of My people
tonight. Judah is going first and the sound is creating a salve to heal the eyes of My
people. Some of you have a hard time erasing certain pictures that your eyes have seen. There’s
an anointing tonight for healing of a deep memory based upon the reflection of what you have
seen that was not aligned with My purpose. Allow the sound and your worship to heal your

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