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The Four Levels to the Ecclesia

Struck by comments by Mike Parsons that unless we have a scroll and a position of influence in a traditional church, it is not good to stay for friendships. We must be a mobile body. I feel this truth deeply.

We can do the Ecclesia organically. There are four levels of the Ecclesia, not just our local gathering.

Ecclesia as the people of God expressing ministry of Christ in every sphere and domain.

Ecclesia as the local body.

Ecclesia as the citywide body.

Ecclesia as the universal body.

So the Ecclesia is a movement not a local gathering place.

Moving from an institutional paradigm to a movemental paradigm, which includes organic elements but goes beyond this to include:

Grassroots renewal that can replicate itself.

Being Christ-like in everyday life (A missional incarnational).

Includes apostolic input:

I see the heavenly blueprint as being missionally responsive, organisationally agile, multiplication apostolic movements, that are reproducible and netweaved not in a centralisation of power. People grouping according to scrolls and not location that has a danger of becoming an institutional church, where people think we go to church.

Unless people are grouping according to different mandates and free to go where the spirit says, rather than attending a hub to be allowed to function, we will not have moved on.

Movements mobilise the whole people of God and are reproducible. So that is why learning to disciple another is so important.

But before we can manifest something on the earth we must legislate in heaven, so forming groups to do court cases over mandates and blueprints is the season we are in I believe, before forming something on the earth.

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