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Heavenly Realms Resources – Getting Started

Resources and biblical revelation on how we can access heaven before death at will and how to bring greater intimacy with God and greater dominion on the earth restoring ” as it is in Heaven”



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Revelation on the Outworkings of the Reformation of the Church (2014)

By Jane Johnson Founder of Ecclesia Framework

A great revelation given to the Ecclesia, which has been built up over time and where God showed the Ecclesia that his heart was to restore us to the real meaning of the Ecclesia and the Priesthood of Believers. Many are seeing Ecclesia as the “Called out Ones” but we think God is wanting us to understand a deeper revelation that is restoring all of us back to working like the council with equal authority and having a say , which is where the word “Ecclesia “came from.

The case for reformation is compelling. George Barna, who I think was way ahead of his time when he wrote the Second Coming of The Church, articulates many of the arguments. Since understanding how to access the heavenly realms I have been given revelation first of all from Haggai, which revealed how Gods church is in ruin and the challenge to not carry on building our own houses but seeking to honour others ministries above our own and bring Kings, Priests and the People together, where there will be an increase in the glory of Gods House.


I then learnt about understanding how we have men in white linen assigned to our case and saw in Heaven 5 men who were relevant to the story of reformation. As the Hebrew culture is to restore the earth back to “as it was in heaven “, I saw a timeline going back along the OT timeline. Zechariah’s mandate was to establish a call to return to the lord. The second was Ezekiel where it talks about restoring David as the pastor over the church (ez 34).

Then came Moses whose calling is to release the people, which I understood to be releasing them from the institutionalised church. Then, this allowed Abraham’s calling to come into play by restoring a new generation of Gods people who are sons who understand their authority in heaven and take their place of responsibility to restore earth to the pattern as we see in heaven.

I also saw Joan of Arc who I believe is looking to see if the people are ready to become the army of God. It will no longer be a time of celebrities or well know authority figures but the ordinary people will rise up to take their authority and play a part in the government of heaven.


As part of this we have senseed is re-establishing the bench of three governmental structures , the bench of seven and the sonship of man which will exceed the authority of apostles in the end as the Five -fold ministry will no longer be necessary in heaven.

I sense there will be a period of grace for the church to restructure in more heavenly forms and understand how heaven functions. There is only a short period where we may miss playing a senior role in heavenly realms. God is waiting for us to take responsibility and come to maturity so we are not waiting for God to act. But to take responsibility we must understand how the courts work and must bring a case which is then transcribed by the Court of Scribes and authenticated by the Court of Chancellors. When we have our papers/scrolls we can take it to our mountains and begin to rule and declare new Christlike ways.

I have humbly placed some practical ways of planning this in the ecclesia framework, which is open to revision as we all get downloads from the Lord.

We have sensed a direct word from God for this time of immense change – we have sensed this in our spirits.

“My people do not despair at the turmoil that is in your midst. There is a great wave of change happening in the heavens and I am seeking hearts that are pure, stable and open to this. Do not fear deception, do not panic when you see foundations begin to shake. I am teaching you how to do church my way and in a way that honours me and honours my people. Be still and know I am God.”

Will you be still in the presence of the LORD and enter His REST!

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