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How to move from the old WINESKIN to Being the new WINESKIN

As we learn to operate out of higher ages this material may change . Please share if you are blessed by this as we need to start cross pollinating . Facebook is great for this so we are not forcing things on people who have no hunger.


Here is what we see in the bible, we can see into heaven which is a better way to learn:-

Getting into the HOLY OF HOLIES and higher realms quickly no matter how little knowledge you have so you are engaging the tree of life not eating from the tree of knowledge.JOINING WITH OTHERS ALLOWS YOU TO SEE so much quicker and have greater authority .

LIVING FROM THE SOURCE OF HEAVEN continually not just popping in occasionally

UNTETHERING from traditional church as fast as you can can help not trade into poor trading floors but developing intimacy with the godhead , finding others to bench with over mountains in your book of destiny and getting a mentor can really help.

Setting your heart on those you are led to, infusing knowledge so no verbal communication is necessary ( form of telepathic communication that Jesus displayed )

NOT GOING SOLELY INTO HEAVEN TO GET YOUR OWN NEEDS MET but taking responsibility for others with the same issue can increase our ability to change the world and bring heaven to earth .

RULING AND REINFORCING VERDICTS  A lot of people who receive deliverance , often have those things returned again because they don’t know how to rule .

BEGIN ONE ANOTHERING , MULTIPLYING YOUR LIFE  Small groups don’t change the world . We must multiply our lives to see a movement grow. The moment you know something you have something to pass on.

GETTING REVELATION and APPLYING/ re-encountering IT STRAIGHT AWAY (this is why conference learning and spirit schools are not the best). We are kings 24/7 not the occasional act of ruling.

TRYING TO EXPLAIN it to others really helps and you can even get new revelation from heaven in the process sometimes! Contributing in daily chat groups can really help this grow and you do your part for the Ecclesia . One of the 12 laws of Jerusalem is SOWING AND REAPING .Then you are learning to father and disciple . Jesus called us to go and make disciples not bring people to church for others to father.

SEEING THINGS IN WRITING increases retention more than hearing so finding a balance of written and audio materials is best.
If you are doing any learning interventions for people, try to give them exercises to practice and reinforce with visual elements.

TEACHING AS DEBATING . Constructive Debating was the original Hebrew meaning of teaching in scripture not listening – there was so much debate when Jesus was on the earth and people were allowed to ask questions. Constructive Debate allows us to overcome mindsets and blocked gateways. Listening to sermons only has limited retention and usually around 20 mins. If you don’t apply what you learnt in a teaching session its blessing on your life will dissipate within weeks.

Daily discipling was the model of the early church. We can do this by using a lot of online methods these days such as messenger groups and Facebook chats on pages or messaging/texting each other.

Coaching/mentoring is a great tool to give a sounding board, accountability, setting goals, overcoming obstacles. Giving permission for someone to speak into your life can be awesome as long as you ultimately know how to seek heaven to so no overshepherding is going on.

Networking to get resources tailored to you.

Keeping momentum by listening to frequent resources to boost faith and sharing what you have learnt to reinforce learning. Trying to explain it to others is a great exercise as helps you know if you have absorbed something.

The great fact about this generation is the technology allows us to seek resources that are the best in the world. As we were never meant to stay in one small location dealing only with the same people for years (traditional church thinking), this technology can be a real blessing to seeing a more heavenly blueprint.

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