Holy Warriors

On Eagles Wings Ministries The Holy Warriors Series Holy Warriors 6 Videos Holy Warriors-Part One 1:13 Holy Warriors-Part Two 1:23 Vessels of Glory – Part Three 1:13 Holy Warriors- Part Four 1:16 Holy Warriors-Part Five 55:22 Holy Warriors – Part 6 1:47 Donate

The Anointing Series

On Eagles Wings Ministries The Anointing Series 5 Videos The Anointing Part One Dr. Rudy Rodriguez 31:32 The Anointing – Part Two Dr. Rudy Rodriguez 47:21 The Anointing – Part Three Dr. Rudy Rodriguez 35:26 The Anointing – Part Four Dr. Rudy Rodriguez 41:39 The Anointing Part Five Dr. Rudy Rodriguez 52:56 Donate

Vessels of Glory

On Eagles Wings Ministries Vessels of Glory Series 8 Videos Vessels of Glory-Part One 23:51 Vessels of Glory – Part Two 23:16 Vessels of Glory – Part Three 33:51 Vessels of Glory – Part Four 44:56 Vessels of Glory – Part Five 1:14:37 Vessels of Glory – Part Six 36:30 Vessels of Glory – Part […]


Supernatural Encounters Discover Courses Course 1 Vessels of Glory Series In this series you will learn that you are created for glory. Vessels of Glory Series Did you know you are specially made for God’s glory? The glory of God was a gift to mankind in creation, and this power transforms lives; saving, healing, and […]

The Power of Words

On Eagles Wings Ministries The Power of Words Life and Death is in the Tongue Do you know that words have tremendous power, they can actually bring life or death. In Genesis 1:3,6,24, we see God use words nine times to create by simply speaking words, such as:  “And God said, Let there be light: […]