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Being Led Every Step

Written by Jane Johnson – Founder of Ecclesia Framework

Desire is a key culture of heaven. Psalms talks about, “He will give us the desire of our hearts.”

He has put eternity in our hearts so we have an element of right desire in us.

We don’t live out of duty, guilt, performance but operate in our calling where desire is the strongest.

Opening and cleaning gateways is by desire.

One of the main ways you know you have a daily mandate is through desire.

Our Father is a gentleman and never forces His will so He waits for us. Heaven is not waiting for the right time but the right time comes from us deciding we will find out and do the will of heaven. The more who do that,  it then manifests in looking like the right time for god to move.

The more our DNA is changed the more Desire is in line with the culture of heaven.

We don’t do jobs in church to prove we are servant hearted to leadership.

We should have a role in line with our calling not sit in an ecclesia to prove our faithfulness or who we are.

There is a strong chance if desire is not strong you will not keep going in the task or will burn out.

Intimacy and knowing our authority as king, chancellor fuels desire.

We are powerful sons who have the DNA of our father so the more mature we are the less we have to ask to be led as we know the heavenly blueprint and don’t need permission for small issues.


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