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Faith Beyond Measure Series

Mountain Moving Faith Faith Beyond Measure From Genesis to Revelation find Jesus. Faith is the result of finding Jesus in the Word. Faith comes from revelation: when you see Christ- a river of Life comes from the revelation. Measure of Faith-is developed, it comes from the hearing of the Word Fruit of Faith-brings the presence of God for ministering- too give away Gift of Faith-brings the power of God for demonstration- brings the power of…

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Prophetic Word Series

Day of Turning

This is the Day of the Turning Point! I would say to you, “Embrace your turning point. Over this past season, you’ve been sifted and you’ve been strained, and you have even fought for your very breath. But this is a day of change! This is a day of rearranging! This is a time that I AM sending a three-fold cord of empowerment into your soul that cannot be broken. For many of your nerves…

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