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The Supernatural Power of God Series

Supernatural Power Of God Man has tried to know his Creator through intellectual means, but this has proven impossible because God can be known only through revelation. In fact, He has always desired for us to know Him intimately and to experience His attributes, strengths, and virtues. This is why He sent us His Holy Spirit. No person has the mental ability to describe the infinite or the eternal; however, I will try to present…

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Video Series

The Precious Pearl

Dr. “Chuck” Flynn has a ministry that combines the rich teaching of the Word of God with a very unique gift- the Word of Knowledge to individuals and congregations that edifies the Body of Christ. This was Dr. Chuck Flynn’ last teaching before going home to be with the Lord. Dr. Many Ann Flynn has ministered throughout the United States, as well as around the world (Arab & Jewish countries, Africa, Germany, etc.) sharing the revelation of…

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The Believers Authority Series

  The Believer’s Authority Authority is delegated Power: Just like a Policeman has the Authority of the government he/she serves. It is the policeman‘s job to enforce the law which has been established by the law makers. The same applies in the Kingdom of God, Satan and his bunch have been stripped of their power and we are called to be enforcers of this task. [wpdm_file id=3]

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