Teaching Series

Supernatural Transformation

During a Benny Hinn healing service I heard in the spirit, " The Church has entered into a Season of Transformation".  In this season we will be required prepare for holiness; by removing stumbling blocks and move into the finished work of Calvary. As the Church crosses the threshold into the glory realm; a season for transformation will begin. This will not be just a minor adjustment of surface appearance, but fundamental, radical change, affecting body, soul and spirit.

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The Government of Heaven

One of the biggest problems we encounter is that we have not been taught that we can live heaven on earth……. we have been told that we can have heaven on the earth, heaven can come onto the earth, but we have not been told that we can go live in heaven while on earth…..

The Kingdom is not about what you do….. the Kingdom is about who you are….. it is about what you actually represent while you walk on the face of the earth…. what mandates are around your life…. and what is being revealed in the atmosphere and the condition which is known as the “Kingdom of the Earth”.

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Christian Boot Camp Series

There is little understanding relating to the born-again believers authority. It is believed that this authority is reserved for those in ministry. On the contrary, it belongs to every born-again believer who truly sees themselves as a child of God.

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The Anointing

People have asked me that for years, “What do you value most as a Christian?" And each time my answer is the same. Except for my salvation, I value "The Anointing.

What God has taught me about that special touch of the anointing has caused me to treasure my relationship with our ever-present Companion, the Holy Spirit, even more. It can be today and every day of your life if you desire, a day of the reality of the Holy Spirit with you—the anointing.

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The Supernatural Power Of God

Man has tried to know his Creator through intellectual means, but this has proven impossible because God can be known only through revelation. In fact, He has always desired for us to know Him intimately and to experience His attributes, strengths, and virtues.

This is why He sent us His Holy Spirit. No person has the mental ability to describe the infinite or the eternal; however, I will try to present a basic and uncomplicated description that will help you to understand Him in human terms.

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Holy Warriors Conference

In this series you will Rediscover the Kingdom concept of Manhood.

Of the 6.7 Billion people on the earth, 90% of the males on earth don’t know why they are males. They are struggling with their manhood. You will discover that the number one crisis in males is identity crisis. This is our challenge today. The male is confused about his manhood, about his masculinity, about his sexuality, males are confused because of cultural, social, and traditional rules from society. This is why we as men must reconnect to God’s original plan for man.

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Secrets of the Anointing Series

Presented by Dr. Chuck Flynn & Dr. “Mary Ann” Flynn

Dr. “Chuck” Flynn has a ministry that combines the rich teaching of the Word of God with a very unique gift- the Word of Knowledge to individuals and congregations that edifies the Body of Christ.

Dr. Many Ann Flynn has ministered throughout the United States, as well as around the world (Arab & Jewish countries, Africa, Germany, etc.) sharing the revelation of theWord of God and it’s power to change and complete lives.

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Faith Beyond Measure Series

From Genesis to Revelation find Jesus. Faith is the result of finding Jesus in the Word.

Faith comes from revelation: when you see Christ- a river of Life comes from the revelation.

Measure of Faith-is developed, it comes from the hearing of the Word

Fruit of Faith-brings the presence of God for ministering- too give away

Gift of Faith-brings the power of God for demonstration- brings the power of Heaven

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Vessels Of Glory Series

Did you know you are specially made for God’s glory? The glory of God was a gift to mankind in creation, and it is also the inheritance of every child of God. When we enter into God’s glory, we dwell in His very presence, receive His love and grace, understand His heart, learn His will, and experience His divine power. That power transforms lives— saving, healing, and delivering—and enacts miracles and wonders that reveal God’s majesty. Yet many Christians are not living in this glory.

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The Believers Authority

There is little understanding relating to the born-again believers authority. It is believed that this authority is reserved for those in ministry. On the contrary, it belongs to every born-again believer who truly sees themselves as a child of God.

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Dr. Rudy Rodriguez is a native of Los Angeles, California and a graduate of Angeles Bible Institute in Los Angeles, California. His life changing encounter during the Jesus movement with his savior and Lord Jesus Christ launched him into ministry as the founder and president of On Eagles Wings Ministries. In the year of 20XX, Dr. Rudy and Dr. Carmen R. Rodriguez were proclaimed as an Apostolic Couple by Dr. Chuck Flynn of The Prophetic Trumpet Ministries. He later received on October 21, 2011 an Honorary Doctor of Divinity from Elbon Solutions-College of Ministry in Apple Valley, California. In San Jose through the prophetic ministry of Dr. Clarice Fluitt, Dr. Rudy was given the task of establishing an Apostolic Training Center.

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