Joshua-Caleb Generation

God has released a new generation to prepare others.

During the Azusa Street Outpouring's 100-Year Birthday Celebration in Los Angeles, I saw a baton being passed onto the Joshua-Caleb Generation. To my surprise it was not like what the religious church had said it would be like. During the AZUSA Street Centennial Laying of Hands - Impartation Oil AZUSA STREET Centennial International Youth Invocation a transfer of the Pentecostal flame was passed to the next generation of youth, but instead of encouraging or empowering them they came under oppression due to the weight of the task.

In the spirit a whole generation (Moses Generation) was passing away and a whole new generation (Joshua-Caleb Generation) was being raised up, and I knew God was doing something significant. In this teaching you learn the truth of what happened that day....