Teaching Series

Keys To A Successful Marriage

These seven keys come from Oral Roberts book entitled, “Still Doing The Impossible”. Let God lead you to your helpmate. Be Married for life. Opposite Temperament is an integral part of a successful marriage. Practicing a Good Sex Life. Read the Bible and Pray together. Integrity of Life and action Morals and Christian Behavior. Key 1: Let God Lead You To Your Helpmate Never move toward one another on your own, but rather wait until you know that God’s hand is…

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Secrets of the Anointing Series

Secrets of the Anointing Presented by Dr. Chuck Flynn & Dr. “Mary Ann” Flynn Dr. “Chuck” Flynn has a ministry that combines the rich teaching of the Word of God with a very unique gift- the Word of Knowledge to individuals and congregations that edifies the Body of Christ.   Dr. Many Ann Flynn has ministered throughout the United States, as well as around the world (Arab & Jewish countries, Africa, Germany, etc.) sharing the Revelation of the Word of God and…

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