Winds of Change

 Winds of Change In the Next Five Months, We Will be Under the Grip of a Revolutionary Wind of Reformation” Johnny Enlow More than Revival, a Swirling Revolutionary Wind of Reformation A swirling, revolutionary wind of reformation from Heaven is … Continue reading

Wait to Weighty

“Worth Waiting For: “My Weighty Presence and My Heavyweights”Dutch Sheets Some of us probably don’t catch it as we read the Scriptures. Moses and his servant, Joshua, waited on Mount Sinai for 6 days before the Lord called to Moses … Continue reading

Day of Turning

This is the Day of the Turning Point! I would say to you, “Embrace your turning point. Over this past season, you’ve been sifted and you’ve been strained, and you have even fought for your very breath. But this is … Continue reading

The Rivers Shall Begin To Fill

I say to you the rivers of this state shall begin to fill, for this is a season that the heavens are shaking and in the midst of the heavens shaking you are on the verge of the greatest breakthrough … Continue reading

San Diego, CA – God Said

The Lord has chosen this city (San Diego).  It is a stronghold city.  This region is a stronghold region. But the Lord says now, the enemies that have controlled it in the past will now become subdued. He says how … Continue reading