Intermediate Series

Tree of Life

Tree of Life Family Groups by Bill Brady The purpose of Tree of Life Group (TOL Group) is to facilitate your journey towards mature sonship. TOL Group is an open door. You can go through that door to enter into mature sonship. Jesus Himself placed the open door to mature sonship in Tree of Life Group. The goal of Tree of Life Group is a crowning together as a bench of 12 that will grow itself up into functioning mature sonship.…

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The Joshua-Caleb Generation

From Wilderness to Promise We where given a mandate on September 24th, 2016 at the Heartland Summit in Kearney, Nebraska our Lord released by the Chancellor Mike Pearson of the Court of Chancellors, the Eternal Jubilee upon the Ekklesia present in Kearney, Kansas USA. “The Joshua-Caleb Generation”, when this series is completed, you will be equipped to enter into “The Promise Land”. Save Save

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The Anointing Series

People have asked me that for years, “What do you value most as a Christian?” And each time my answer is the same. Except for my salvation, I value “The Anointing. What God has taught me about that special touch of the anointing has caused me to treasure my relationship with our ever-present Companion, the Holy Spirit, even more. It can be today and every day of your life if you desire, a day of the reality of the Holy…

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Faith Beyond Measure Series

Mountain Moving Faith Faith Beyond Measure From Genesis to Revelation find Jesus. Faith is the result of finding Jesus in the Word. Faith comes from revelation: when you see Christ- a river of Life comes from the revelation. Measure of Faith-is developed, it comes from the hearing of the Word Fruit of Faith-brings the presence of God for ministering- too give away Gift of Faith-brings the power of God for demonstration- brings the power of Heaven Learn More Below……  

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Vessels of Glory Series

   Vessels of Glory Series   Did you know you are specially made for God’s glory? The glory of God was a gift to mankind in creation, and it is also the inheritance of every child of God. When we enter into God’s glory, we dwell in His very presence, receive His love and grace, understand His heart, learn His will, and experience His divine power. That power transforms lives— saving, healing, and delivering—and enacts miracles and wonders that reveal…

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The Believers Authority Series

  The Believer’s Authority Authority is delegated Power: Just like a Policeman has the Authority of the government he/she serves. It is the policeman‘s job to enforce the law which has been established by the law makers. The same applies in the Kingdom of God, Satan and his bunch have been stripped of their power and we are called to be enforcers of this task. [wpdm_file id=3]

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