Embracing the Season

Embracing the Season Do you know that the Church has entered into a season of preparation for holiness? A season of removing stumbling blocks; a season of preparation to cross the threshold into the glory realm; a season for transformation. … Continue reading

Supernatural Transformation Series

We have entered into a season of preparation for holiness; a season of removing stumbling blocks; a season of preparation to cross the threshold into the glory realm; a season for transformation. Not just a minor adjustment of surface appearance, but … Continue reading

The Joshua-Caleb Generation

The Joshua-Caleb GenerationWe where given a mandate on September 24th, 2016 at the Heartland Summit in Kearney, Nebraska our Lord released by the Chancellor Mike Pearson of the Court of Chancellors, the Eternal Jubilee upon the Ekklesia present in Kearney, … Continue reading

The Anointing Series

The Anointing Series People have asked me that for years, “What do you value most as a Christian?” And each time my answer is the same. Except for my salvation, I value “The Anointing”. What God has taught me about … Continue reading

Faith Beyond Measure Series

Faith Beyond Measure Series From Genesis to Revelation find Jesus. Faith is the result of finding Jesus in the Word. Faith comes from revelation: when you see Christ- a river of Life comes from the revelation. Measure of Faith-is developed, … Continue reading

Vessels of Glory Part 7

Benefits of the Glory A passion for God is foundational for experiencing His glory. An essential way in which we can develop this passion is by recognizing and fulfilling four spiritual conditions for God’s blessings which are described in 2 … Continue reading

The Believers Authority – Part 3

The Believers Authority Part 3 In Ephesians 6: 12 we see that… we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. The … Continue reading

Authority of the Believer Series

The Believers Authority Series There is little understanding relating to the born-again believers authority. It is believed that this authority is reserved for those in ministry. On the contrary, it belongs to every born-again believer who truly sees themselves as … Continue reading

Vessels of Glory Series

Vessels of Glory Series Did you know you are specially made for God’s glory? The glory of God was a gift to mankind in creation, and it is also the inheritance of every child of God. When we enter into … Continue reading

The Supernatural Power of God Series

Supernatural Power Of God Man has tried to know his Creator through intellectual means, but this has proven impossible because God can be known only through revelation. In fact, He has always desired for us to know Him intimately and … Continue reading

Evangelism Training

  Evangelism Training Part 1   Evangelism Training Part 2   Evangelism Training Part 3 Outreach-Evangelization Instructions If you have completed the Evangelization teaching videos and feel the call to Harvest Souls for the Kingdom of God……feel free to complete … Continue reading

Secrets of the Anointing Series

Secrets of the Anointing Presented by Dr. Chuck Flynn & Dr. “Mary Ann” Flynn Dr. “Chuck” Flynn has a ministry that combines the rich teaching of the Word of God with a very unique gift- the Word of Knowledge to individuals … Continue reading

Holy Warriors Conference

Holy Warriors Conference Presented in English and Spanish In this series you will Rediscover the Kingdom concept of Manhood. Of the 6.7 Billion people on the earth, 90% of the males on earth don’t know why they are males. They … Continue reading