God has placed a calling on Dr. Rudy’s life and has provided him with an understanding of generational deliverance, discernment, and divine healing. These concepts are explained in the Bible but seem to be often overlooked or misunderstood. His desire is to pass on the revelation, understanding and these giftings to the body of Christ.

Dr. Rudy models a process where all participants are encouraged to share their insights and understanding. He models it in such a way that others learn to discern and respond to what God is doing at the moment – a lesson that can be carried into everyday life.

Therefore these meetings are a very interactive experience. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, an activation impartation may occur; so please provide experienced catchers for this portion of the meeting.   Another interesting aspect is that every meeting is different because Dr. Rudy strives to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit at all times.

Here are the details for booking an event:

•No attendee minimum
•Host makes arrangements for a meeting location and handles any expense related to the venue.
•Host provides transportation between airport, hotel and meeting location.
•Host to provide a love offering for the event. This love offering to cover a three or four-hour meeting depending on the moving of the Holy Spirit. As mentioned earlier, Dr. Rudy is available to speak Sunday morning for an additional love gift.
•Love offerings for the speaking engagement are due 30 days before the event date.
•Host will be responsible for the expense of Dr. Rudy's travel, lodging, and meals. On Eagles Wings Ministries, will make reasonable hotel and flight reservations. Our policy is to use American Airlines and Hilton chain hotels whenever possible ( If you plan on using frequent flyer miles, please let us know).
•Host will handle registration and advertising. OEWM will post your link on our website if desired. (Note: consider using Eventbrite.com if you do not have a current registration method)
•Event dates will not be held until host provides method for registration
•Host has the option to post this event publicly or to keep it as a private event.

Alternate Options:
If your request does not fall within the details above, please let us know and we will discuss other possibilities.





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